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Saturday, June 2, 2012

True Inflation and Its Effects

Are you tired from the escalating gas and food prices? The inflation grew thirty three percent last year annually and is growing at about thirteen percent right now. These outrageous prices are discouraging people to the point where businesses go bankrupt. In this modern day, everything seems to be ambiguous. People suffer from drastic food prices and gas prices due to uncertainty. This confusion then causes people to go into a depression. Although there are outside theories that say Iraq is the main problem behind gas and food inflation, none of those theories stand on solid ground. The federal government and the bilderberg group should put a reasonable cap on inflation and gas prices because oil companies are taking control of our people through monopolies.

The bilderberg group consists of one hundred and twenty people that oversee the federal government. They are international bankers, presidents of executive companies, and ultimately the leaders in the world. The international bankers that are present in the Bilderberg group started this secret group in 1954. Now, the people from Bilderberg and the federal government work closely together to resemble the time period when Carter was president. No wonder the media says the Feds are thinking the same way that they were back in the 80's. It all traces back to the Bilderberg group. They are the people who set the prices for everything. The only question left to answer is why are they damaging our economy, is there any logical reason?

The bilderberg group and the federal government use the policy of inflation in order to pay their own bills and debt. That is why today we see gas prices rising at exponentially high rates. The policy of inflation states that if inflation continues to rise then deflation will occur more rapidly. This is similar the wave theory. Although this policy stands on solid ground, the government still says up to this day that this is a theory. According to the Rockefellers this so called theory is a speculation not a true fact. Kissinger proves that there is ways how to surround peoples' minds with complex lifestyles in order to complete their mission. The mission behind bilderberg stands true and can be seen today, it is secret democratic financial slavery.

Suddenly the biderbergs are making decisions that affect millions of people all over the United States. Well, you have to keep in mind that the federal government and the bilderberg group work for themselves and the war is being waged on the people. The war is we know it is leading people into corruption of society. The only way to ruin a country is to force the people into poor conditions through extreme inflation. This inflation only benefits the high end class. One of the members of the bilderberg is David Rockefeller senior. This intelligent individual knew that the U.S. would be fighting Iraq five years before the 9-11 attacks. According to American Free Press newspaper the bilderberg group is an aristocracy of purpose. This means that these members are secretly controlling our population without our consent. Since when is it OK for one hundred and twenty people to control six billion people? The bilderberg group claims that the public cannot act upon themselves. They say "humanity is unwashed and cannot speak for themselves." This statement is untrue and sounds similar to diabolical people.

To some the depression was an awful time period flushed with frustration and anger. The Rockefellers at that time doubled their wealth in the midst of the depression. This is another sign how governments try to use people to their advantage.

Pennsylvania state university conducted surveys among media statistics. They found out that 62% of American people obtain their news from TV. Nevertheless media is also controlled by the bilderberg and the council of foreign relations.

The whole idea behind sudden inflation is suppressing the real news and forcing the media to put out facades. If the public looked closely at the 9-11 attacks they would see a completely different picture. Unfortunately people don't want to listen and become hypnotized by media that's on TV, internet, and even in magazines. This media overtakes people lifestyle to the point where they are convinced by illusions and facades regardless of their own opinion. There are arguments saying that the media has its own department where it doesn't allow any subliminal messaging to appear. Most Americans don't realize the effect of media on their everyday lives. Some companies say oil companies do have a cap, but don't realize that they have been convinced by false media. There has to be solid ground where each individual has a reasonable reason to believe what he or she believes. Instead people are making up theories that once never existed, and are ultimately lying to get themselves into a higher position in the corporate ladder. People have always thought of how our government is good and has no evil in it. There is one simple answer. Look at our eagle, didn't the same eagle appear when Hitler was alive. Even before Hitler the Egyptians use the eagle as a sign of immorality and extreme power. The eagle that we see today closely resembles the eagle when Hitler was in power.

Ultimately, the world as we know it is striving for oil and energy. There is little influential impact on the federal government that the American people can do. Out of all this crises and gas prices reaching record, the North American Free Trade Agreement takes its priority. NAFTA was established in 1993 in order to allow free trade among all countries within the boundaries of the United States. In these modern days NAFTA has grown into a billion dollar corporation that is protected by the federal government which is financing the world's most illegal trade. Some people say that NAFTA does'nt have anything to do with gas and food prices but others say it is a serious potential problem. The mission behind NAFTA is to join Canada, US, and Mexico together into one big nation call the American Union. People to this day still don't believe this corporation exists. The reason why people don't believe is because the media has convinced people not to imagine the impossible but to see and believe. This NAFTA is secretly called the social prosperity act of the United States. These groups and organizations under mind the average human being and force people to be taken by invisible chains through financial slavery. No one has ever thought about democracy as fifty one percent controlling the forty nine percent. Unfortunately there is no way you could infiltrate the bilderberg group and tell them there is a serious crisis. The only solution left to do is to save communities and people you know because the whole world is used to this faade of useless information that's damaging our children and imperiling our future generation.

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