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Monday, June 18, 2012

Trust Mexico For International Exports And Economy

Have you checked tags of the merchandise in one of your favorite stores lately? Have you ever seen the phrase "Made in Mexico" on your shirt tag? Seldom? Never? Let us learn the reason behind that.

Since the Mexican government's totalitarian rule finished many decades ago, the private sector has been well provided with the freedom to have their businesses develop and prosper. Year 1980 marked the beginning of rapid growth in several industries evidenced by the numbers produced scaled through the GDP or Gross Domestic Product. A 2.3% per year increase was observed which then jumped to 3.9%, growth rate was at 7.2%. It was then known as the Mexican Miracle. In the year 1990, Mexico was added on the list of the countries with admirably steady and greatest economy.

There are five major industrial cities in the country: The nation's capital Mexico City, Guadalajara from the south west, Ciudad Juarez located on the eastern side, Monterey and Tijuana.
Today, it is the most developed manufacturing hub of the Central America. The country's manufacturing industry thrives on food and beverages, tobacco, clothing, and textile. The bread and butter of the Mexican economy are the manufacturing of iron and steel (including metalworking), petroleum and automobile. As a matter of fact, major players in the car industry such as Chrysler, General Motors, Volkswagen, and Ford made investments and camped in the nation to have the job done.

Minor industries are even present in the nation such as furniture and wood works, footwear and metalworking nurturing it's export oriented economy.

Investments are coming in mainly from the economic allies of Mexico as a result of it's several economic friendly agreements with 40 other progressive countries such as those of the European Union, USA, Japan, China and Israel. List of the Free Trade Agreements are as follows: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), and WTO (World Trade Organization).

As an example of foreign investment, the re-exporting manufacturing was born and was so called maquiladoras. They're tactically located near American borders. This industry is tasked to process and assemble raw materials which are then exported to the US and other neighboring countries.

It isn't a requirement for you to learn the Spanish language as the nation comprehends English as well, 85% of the Mexican society will be able to read and write English. Having said it all, it is now noted that Mexico is the official rival of China in manufacturing and export industry.

You'll see the "Made in Mexico" rarely on your clothes, bags, and shoes. But, know this, they are behind the creation of your favorite items, remember the maquiladoras.

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