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Monday, July 9, 2012

Costa Rica Economy; Recovering and Expanding

Costa Rica lies between Panama and Nicaragua and it is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the North Pacific Ocean to the west. It is comprised of 51,100 square kilometers and the territorial waters take up about 589 square kilometers. It is considered a conglomeration of a number of landforms. The location of the country in the isthmus of Central America makes it easier to access American markets, which have the same time zone as Central US and also has access to Europe and Asia via the Oceans.

Let's talk a little bit about the economical situation of this fascinating country.

Costa Rica has suffered a lot from corrupted governments. Interest costs on the governments accumulated debt are equivalent to 30% of the governments total revenue. Liberalization efforts have been hampered due to the resistance put forward by the political parties of Costa Rica. The main agendas of the today's government are still the curbing the rate of inflation, reducing the deficit, and making improvisations to the services offered by the public sector. Despite this, the government has tried to bring in foreign investment, technology and management into the telecommunications and electrical power sector, which are run by the state.

Although blessed with fertile lands, abudance of fresh water and a strategic position, the country still remains poor and is categorized as a third world country. The countrys economy emerged from the red in 1997, but h as shown strong aggregate growth since then.

The economy is based on agriculture. This includes the production and export of pineapples, bananas and coffee. The countrys exports from the free trade zones and tourism sectors led to significant developments in the growth rate of the GDP. Costa Rica is also a producer of cocoa, sugar, lumber, wood products and beef. In recent years, ecotourism, pharmaceuticals, financial outsourcing and software development have become major industries with significant contribution to the countrys GDP.
Lately, other industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, eco-tourism, financial outsourcing and software development are now becoming major industries. There are a number of high tech companies which have sprung up in the area, including chip manufacturer Intel and Pharma companies like Procter & Gamble and Glaxo Smith Kline. Costa Rica is also self reliant in energy needs, with exception of oils- and has the potential to be an electricity exporter, as it already exports to Central America.

The unit of currency of Costa Rica is the Colon (CRC). This currency trades at 500 to the US dollar and at around 600 to the Euro. A new system that is expected around 2007, will see the Colon currency float between two bands. The Central bank will be better positioned to handle inflation and dicourage the use of the US greenback with the use of this system.

In March 1998, the country joined other Central American nations, and the Dominican Republic to establish a Trade and Investment Council with the United States. It has also clearly showed a willingness to join the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Costa Rica is also a member of the Cairns Group, which is pursuing a policy of global agricultural trade liberalization in World Trade.

With the help of agriculture, growing industries and of course tourism and ecotourism, Costa Rica economy is sure to recover. This country has a great potential. It in the hands of the people and the government, with hard work and strategically planned moves, to make this beautifull country wealthy as well.

The Rio Grande Valley ? an Experience to Remember

Spanish colonists originally settled the Rio Grande Valley in the 1700's. The RGV as we know it today has vastly changed, while still retaining much of its Spanish heritage. The RGV has been known as one of the least financially sound areas of the United States. However, over the past 10+ years due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) southern Texas has begun to flourish.

Bordering the Gulf Coast, South Padre Island is one of the top 10 vacation destinations for spring break. South Padre Island is known for their annual Polar Bear Dip, Golf Classic, bustling night life, and even one of Schlitterbahn's Water parks (named USA's #1 water park, as featured on the Travel Channel). With sandy beaches stretching as far eye can see, and endless activities for people of all ages, it's no wonder South Padre Island has become a vacation hot spot.

While visiting Southern Texas, the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge, located in Alamo, can't be missed. The wildlife refuge sits along the edge of the Rio Grande. Currently at just over 90,000 acres, the refuge is growing strong, and is estimated to reach over 132,000 acres. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services are in the process of an acquisition movement to purchase additional surrounding lands. The Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge is home to several s pecies of birds indigenous only to this region. As quoted on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Website, The refuge is "Considered one of the most biologically diverse National Wildlife Refuges in the continental United States. LRGV represents 11 distinct biotic communities that are host or home to 1,100 types of plants, 700 vertebrate species (including 484 bird species) and over 300 species of butterflies." This is great place for both families and individuals to spend a day, and experience the Texas wilderness, untouched.

McAllen is a city within the Rio Grande Valley that offers many cultural attractions, and has been noted as being the "Square Dance Capital of the World". McAllen has boasted this nickname for years. Since 1987 they have been hosting the annual Texas Square Dance Jamboree. Other cultural events that call McAllen home include the Texas Citrus Fiesta, Fourth of July Fajita Cook-off, and Borderfest. A visit to McAllen is not to be overlooked if you wa nt to experience Texas culture and authentic "Tex Mex" cowboy grub.

Visitors tend to flock to the Rio Grande Valley in the winter. Travel peaks are January through March. Many individuals consider themselves to be "Winter Texans" as they reside in Texas during the winter months, and spend the remainder of the year elsewhere. For those who reside in Texas for only several months at a time, many have found that trailer and RV parks (such as Victoria Palms) have been the way to go. During peak seasons monthly fees at these parks range from $300-$475, as opposed to only $200 in the quieter summer months. These parks offer amenities ranging from free cable TV and high speed internet, to free phone access with unlimited long distance calling. For those who are short-term visitors to the Valley, hotels offer a range of activities and tours. Most area beaches have umbrella service and equipment rentals for reasonable fees. Banana boats and rafts are popular for South P adre Island visitors. From breathtaking beaches and unique wildlife, to the hearty culture of square dancing and authentic Tex Mex grub, the Rio Grande Valley in Southern Texas is a region of the south that can't be overlooked.

Racism in Illinois They Profiled Blacks But Don't Investigate Crimes Against Them Why?

Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:25:47 -0600

Subject: Racism is alive and still kicking until we united D'Anne Burley Radio Talk Show Host on Racial Profiling and worse 2007

Racism is still here but Don Imus is not the issue the most important one is below and I am black and can get no policing agent to investigate corruption and or criminal acts. I am also seeking letters for others who are black who have had racist issue in the times in order to show patterns on this issue. Blacks themselves are on hold and have opened the backdoor to allow for these comments to comeback, there is a greater issue that affects us and thats the lack of creditabitity we have and the lack of police power whereby if there are crimes in our neighborhoods and we report them the police do not respond as they would with whites and its far worse now because wer are in 2007 and we are still not fighting agressively to change this why?

This is hot and just off the press and here is the growing concern here is the mindset going out and not undercover please read!

Trained to Use Hatred
BERLIN, Germany (AP) -- A video showing a German army instructor telling one of his soldiers to envision African-Americans in the Bronx while firing his machine gun was broadcast Saturday on national television.

The video, coming after scandals involving photos of German soldiers posing with skulls in Afghanistan and the abuse of recruits by instructors, seemed likely to raise more questions about training practices in Germany's conscript army.

"We can no longer talk about an isolated case," said Lt. Juergen Rose of the Darmstaedter Signal, a group of current and former army officers and sergeants who independently review military procedures.

"Things like this don't happen in the army on an everyday basis, but unfortunately in recent years there have been a number of comparable incidents."

The Defense Ministry said the video was shot in July 2006 at barracks in the northern town of Rendsburg and that the army has been aware of it since January.

"We are currently investigating the incident," said Florian Naggies, a spokesman for the army and Defense Ministry.

He did not identify the instructor or the soldier, who are shown in camouflage uniforms in a forest.

The instructor tells the soldier, "You are in the Bronx. A black van is stopping in front of you. Three African-Americans are getting out and they are insulting your mother in the worst ways ... Act."

The soldier fires his machine gun several times and yells an obscenity several times in English. The instructor then tells the soldier to curse even louder.

The existence of the video was first reported on the home page of the German news magazine Stern on Friday and excerpts of the video were aired on the news television channel n-tv on Saturday.

According to Stern, the 90-second video had been posted on a Web site used by soldiers to exchange private videos. A soldier who used the site alerted his sup eriors, the magazine reported.

The video is the latest embarrassment for the German army. Eighteen army instructors are currently on trial for allegedly abusing and humiliating 163 recruits in 2004. Last year, newspapers published photos of German soldiers in Afghanistan posing with a skulls -- including one who exposed himself while holding a skull.

My father Dan Burley was the real father of the Rap Industry thou now this point of history has been twisted to others Dan Burley authored the Harlem Handbook of Jive, and was involved in the then musican entertainment industry with Langston Hughes, Cab Calloway and others who made the then Black Hiphop JIve via smooth talk within rythms, some of the music today is great while others are just making a buck and the style and way much is being done is modeled out of the white industry because the money always flows upward. I got letters within my archieve of how many major publications in the pas t wanted to reform Blacks in music style and dress to make they act in a way that was or acceptive. But we think today that the style we have is not built around another agenda please! While we are in the music and in the dress, we are losing careers, jobs, and business via nafta and other hidden agenda's we can not see and or will not be a part of, and much of this is because our Black Leadership is not on this issues.

I am one of the very few Blacks if there are any within the media addressing the issue of the WTC, Ok City, Waco ( which had 40 or more blacks living there) and all of the other world issues that if it comes into being Blacks think its bad now just want. Because whites are complainting and are effected. Look at New Orleans folks there still in some areas have no water or electric, and they are lying about the grants. So if we are no gathering dollars and committing to one another where are we going to be in the future.

There is the issue of driving while Black, going to work while black, reporting crimes while black. And the black press is not going there why? what is controlling our media whereby stories are not getting out again? I am hearing this from all over the place I am speaking of radio and television reporters.

And here I will stop and have you read the following again if you see acts of terrorism while black and they do nothing then why do you think they will come to your home and investigate your daughter being raped and or a murder without saying that its a crime that you committed yourself - Peace! D'Anne Burley
I am a former Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois, I know much about law enforce and clout, and before that I worked over 35 yrs within Corporate America as an Accountant, Computer Programmer/Analysis, did some actuary work relating to removing employees who got close to retirement age, Developed Businesses, I worked as a para legal f rom Friedman and Koven which was the second in it's day Law Firm in the World within Conflict of Interest international, also for United States Gypsum, Navistar, FMC Corp, Harris Bank, First National Bank, Argonne National Lab's as Assistant Editor in the Bio lab, and many other larger than live Corporations within their Controllers Dept and World Headquarters, and in the Mortgage Industry of over 8 years seeing already formed terrorist cell operating from withn the Suburb of Palos Hills, Palos Heights, Broadview, Chicago and other neighoring communities. The scandal involved the use of International Drivers Licenses to falsify Identity and create other false ID's such as Drivers License, Corporations, Bank Accounts in order to move and laundery money into Jihad and Al-Qauda cells all over the globe.
Drug Trafficking occured over Operation Mountain Express, which had netted over 52 mega tons of drugs, and drug making material to use to place on the streets and in the hands of mintories, our youth date rape drugs and other nightmare subtances to fund Terror across the world. In Illinois the Illinois trucking scandal was involved because the truck were involved within a operation to move the drugs, laundered money and also guns in and out of the hands of criminal within the KKK and aryan nation and other hate groups. All who were being used as part of the funded Bin Laden Operation, and that was really the involved of Bin Laden. Sept 11, 2001 was a part of a mock terrorist drill which was designed to cover-up the fact that the WTC had design defects that were brought to the port of Authority when it was being built but NYC had no rights to the business plans and could do nothing in the courts because it was alleged that the Port was not governed by the City and or S tate Regulations and laws because it fell under Marine laws only. In addition because of the first failed attempted to bomb the buildings in 1993 by so-called Islamic Extremist and due to the injuries, death, and claims filed against Lloyds of London in England, Lloyds was on the brick of Bankruptcy and was the Port of Authority, which also would have effected NYC itself in paying off huge amounts of money which would had totally bankrupt the city and the state.

As within the plot of the Savings and Loan Scandal years before as the failed savings institutes had not enough money to pay back the people who had accounts within within the federal Reserve, in both cases I alleged that conspirators from within and outside the government conspired to commit fraud by turning these events into cases for insurance.

In the savings and loan scandal during that time there were mounting numbers of "Banl Robberies in the Midwest and across the US.

The robberies I saw began in the late 80's but expanded into 1990 whereby while I worked within the Courts there was the alleged ex-police officer out of Hoffman Estate called the Bearded Bandit, who with his wife alleged robbed banks all over the suburban area of Chicago Illinois. There were some elements of this case which were not true in fact and covered up for one the wife never shot herself in the front of a home in Streamwood she was shot by special unit op's from what division I am not sure. Then her husband who was capture was killed in a shoot out but what I alleged was that he was gunned down so that he would not share information of the insurance scam. The same issue was happened in areas around Ok City and that could be the reason why Jesse Tredue's brother was allegedly murdered within his prison cell the cover-up the real reason behind the bank robberies.

John Gary Peeler a former CIA/BATF/FBI agent was undercover within the KKK he has been on my program and his son John Christropher Peeler is being held in a Ark prison without parole for a crime of murder where there is no body, no crime scene and no evidence nothing to shutup Peeler. Peeler Sr. worked with Timothy McVeigh while undercover within the KKK working on bombing the Ok City Building, he knew about the bank robberies, the plot to take down the building and was able to stop one, but could do nothing about the WTC because no one would listen to him, his story as those of Eric Shine Merchant Marine Presidential Appointed by George Bush Sr., , Mary Schneider who worked 30 yrs within the INS and saw the florida connection of agents allowing Middle Easterns to gain entrance into the US that area of Fla was where the flight school was involved with the alleged training of terrorist cells at the same time I saw within my then office which was a place I was bought to to setup a new business to do Islamic Interest Loans for homes (Noriba) on the wall a huge picture of a boeing 747 class plane which I was told that being use as a picture to explan how to flight within a flight school which operated out of the Palos Hills area with ties into FL prior to 9/11/01.

The story was my nightmare, the government via clouted government officials and those who I had alleged were involved in a major sleeper cell used terrorism against me and my children. By sending in spooks, attempting to setup my bank account with counterfeit money orders, blackball me so I can not work and so that my children can not, criminalized by young son, use traffick tickets and others working within the policing agencies to cover-up and not investigation major corruption and criminals acts within DuPage County in order to shut be up and down and make me homeless. This is the same pattern that had been used on all whistleblowers and then causing them not to have equal rigthts under the amendments of the constitutional.

I am 55 yrs old and I ha ve seen every level of corruption over a spam of 45 years including how entertainers and others were taken out in the same fashion in the 1940's-62 while my father was involvcd as a publisher and reporter.Within his archieve were letters of this and then I was told by other creatible sources over the years of how they watched Mohammad X, who was a friend of my fathers, Joe Louis for saying good things about Jimmy Hoffa, and my father knew Jack Ruby prior to my father's death. My father's name was within the Warren Commission Report of the Death of JFK and my father help Kennedy to get elected within the chains of press he was involved in within the Black Community.

Because of all this I had been watched, and as they attempted to do with Mohammad X's daughter they attempted to set me up over the years. But you see I saw things when I was very young and knew how they operated. Please read on thanks

D'Anne Burley

Chrysler Introduces Two 2008 Minivan Models

Chrysler Group now launches its minivan models and aims to provide the needs of consumers that are looking for practicality and functionality in a vehicle. Chrysler Group introduces the all-new 2008 model year of the Dodge Grand Caravan and the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country.

These two minivan models come with innovative features for customers. According to Larry Lyons, Vice President - Chrysler Group Front-wheel-drive Product Team: "Chrysler Group engineers continue to bring fresh ideas to the minivan segment. This time, we turn the tables on traditional seats with a technology that lets families have more choices of how to spend their time while traveling. With Swivel 'n Go, second- and third-row passengers can face each other to have a conversation, play games or have a meal on the go."

Lyons added: "Chrysler Group is the first to offer a six-speed transaxle in a minivan. With a new 4.0-liter, V-6 aluminum engine and new six-speed transaxle, the 2008 Chrysler and Dodge minivans offer added performance and a smoother driving experience."
Innovative features and other minivan-first features include the all-new Swivel 'n Go(TM) seat system, integrated child booster seat in the second-row quad chair, one-touch powe r-folding third-row seat, and six-speed transaxle.

The main highlights of the two vehicles are the interior features that provide functionality and comfort for its occupants as well as cargo. Standard interior features include premium multi-function front-row sliding console, second-row in-floor covered storage bins, second-row bench seat with second-row covered storage bins, third-row fold-in-the-floor seating, the exclusive Stow 'n Go(R) seating and storage system, and removable table.

Not only the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country offer functionality and comfort. These two minivan models also provide the best entertainment features for its occupants. These features include dual DVD multimedia entertainment system, MyGIG(TM) CD/DVD/HDD/MP3/satellite radio with voice-activated capability, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, SIRIUS Backseat TV, UConnect(R) Hands-free Communication system with Bluetooth(R) technology, mesh side pocket s, 115-volt inverter, and two second-row input/output jacks with a 12-volt power outlet.
On the technical side, Chrysler Group is offering three different powertrain combinations for the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country. Customers can choose the new 4.0-liter V-6 aluminum engine coupled with a new six-speed transmission, 3.8-liter V-6 aluminum engine mated to a new six-speed transaxle, and a 3.3-liter flex-fuel-capable V-6 aluminum engine coupled with a four-speed transaxle. A catalytic converter similar to Chrysler's former American Motors catalytic converter is also included to reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

Steven Landry, Executive Vice President - Chrysler Group NAFTA Sales, Global Marketing, Service and Parts concluded: "Family transportation has changed since the introduction of the original Dodge Caravan in 1984. The all-new 2008 Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan set the family transportation standard with an all-new 'grown-up' appearance, five different models, three distinct seating and storage system s, unmatched entertainment systems and the safety consumers expect and deserve. Add in three powertrain options, clever interior features and industry-leading functionality and you have a recipe that will be a favorite with any family."

Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--live in Mexico?cheap, Huh?

Mexico on $5 a day? Sure, not a problem if you can survive on four cervezas during the day and sleep in a tent pitched somewhere in the woods during the night. Of course, if you live on the Mexican Riviera, you'll only be able to afford a couple cervezas a day but you will be able to sleep on the beach!

In 1997, we moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, known as Vallarta or PV by the locals, and inevitably, when meeting folks in the States, we're asked why in the world we would live there. Most assume it's due to the low cost of living in Mexico and that one can do just fine on Social Security.

The reasons why we have lived in Vallarta for ten years have very little to do with the cost of living. One of the reasons has to do with the latitude of Vallarta which is the same as Hawaii, resulting in a climate absolutely perfect for golfing, fishing, tennis, hiking, swimming, or whatever your hobby is for seven months a year, November through May.

The population of PV, our sleepy little Mexican fishing village located on Banderas Bay on the Pacific Ocean, just surpassed 350,000 making it equal in size to Anaheim, California or twice the size of Boise, the capital of Idaho. Of the 350,000 inhabitants, there are close to 50,000 North Americans d uring the seven month "high season". They have retired here in order to enjoy the many world class restaurants, seven magnificent golf courses, world class deep sea fishing, modern supermarkets and shopping malls, and night life galore. Most of these North American residents of Vallarta have satellite TV with 350 channels, high speed internet service, air conditioning, and all the other modern conveniences that could be found in the States. Clean water, clean food, modern hospitals with the latest in sophisticated equipment for first class medical care, and a high regard for safety will be found here in PV. Actually, there are very few reasons not to live in Vallarta.

We haven't lived here for ten years because it's cheap! As an example, gasoline is about 8 pesos per liter or $4.00 per gallon. Electricity is about the same as in the US, while telephone calls to the States are about four times as much as the same calls from the States. Food in the supermarkets is about the same as in the US; the imported products are much more, while the locally grown products may be much less. Imported hard-goods, such as electronics, at Sams Club, Walmart, or Office Depot, can be twice as much as the same products in the States. Automobiles are approximately 20% more expensive, imported clothing 50% more expensive, etc. From a residents perspective, NAFTA isn't working too well because all imported items are taxed to the hilt and cost substantially more than they do in the States.

Housing, on the other hand, is generally much lower than in the States. Of course, this depends on where in the States and where in PV, but as an example, a small house in Central Florida would compare to a casita in PV with no view and would cost twice as much. A grand estate in Pebble Beach would compare to a luxurious villa on the hillside overlooking Banderas Bay and would cost two to four times as much. A 2,000 square foot condo in St. Petersburg, Flor ida, similar to one in the Marina Area of Vallarta, would cost roughly twice as much. On average, one can safely assume that housing costs in PV are approximately half of that in the States, keeping in mind that housing prices have almost tripled during the ten years we've lived here. One difference is that the house and condo values have been softening in California and Florida during the past year, while the boom in PV is expected to continue for at least another ten years. As the baby boomers retire and discover Vallarta, the demand for new houses and condos increases, as do the costs for land, materials, and labor, resulting in escalating real estate prices. Forecasts suggest that property values will double in the Vallarta area during the next five years.
There are a couple other significant housing related differences. The first has to do with real estate or property taxes. The annual predial or property tax in Mexico is about .1% of the purchase price of the property.

Assume you bought a condo in PV for $200,000 ten years ago, keeping in mind that it was twice as much as you could have bought in the States. It's value today would be about $600,000, however it's still on the books as $200,000 and it's annual taxes are approximately $200. A condo with the same cost basis of $200,000 ten years ago located in Florida or California could be taxed anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 today and remember, this $200,000 condo would have been half of what you could have purchased in Vallarta. Also, if you're a resident for more than five years in Vallarta and can show that it's your primary residence, there is no capital gains tax upon the sale of your property. Annual automobile taxes and consumption taxes are equiva lent to those in the States.

First class medical and dental care is available in Vallarta at roughly half the cost of that in the States. Skilled technicians for auto repair, electronics repair, carpentry, plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical work are about the same as in the States. Of course, there are many non-professionals available in PV that will work for half the price, but you get what you pay for! The one exception has to do with masonry. For a fourth the price of that in the States, you can have beautiful granite counter tops, marble floors, tile work such as pools, etc. Another major cost difference is that of unskilled labor such as maids, gardeners, or handymen. They are readily available for $20 per day but don't expect the most efficient work in the world. Again, you get what you pay for!

In summarizing, the cost of living in Vallarta is probably somewhat lower than that in Florida and substantially less than California, given s imilar standards. It is probably higher than Milwaukee, Wisconsin or Cincinnati, Ohio but there's no comparison in life styles.

One thing is for certain, we don't know of any Americans or Canadians living in PV solely on their Social Security payments. In order to live on a tight budget in Mexico, you have to head inland, away from the tourist areas, away from Paradise, and can expect a totally different life style. For the money, Vallarta is extremely hard to beat, but it's certainly not cheap!

Want to Find Treasure in the Sierra Madres?

Do you remember the 1927 novel, "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", which was about a couple of down-and-out Americans that joined up with a crusty old timer to prospect for gold in Mexico? It was later adapted into a film by John Huston in 1948, who returned to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 1964 to film "Night of the Iguana".

The Sierra Madres have been and continue to be rich in mineral wealth containing vast deposits of gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, and tin. The problem is; the majority of us North Americans can't do very much to prosper from or enjoy the benefits associated with these rich mineral assets. However, the Sierra Madres do possess another great asset that we can benefit from and enjoy; that is real estate!

Now, we ask, where exactly are the Sierra Madres? Well, there are actually three mountain ranges in Mexico, all referred to as the Sierra Madres. The first is the Sierra Madre Oriental range that runs about 700 miles from north to the south on the eastern side of Mexico. On the western side of Mexico, the Sierra Madre Occidental range runs about 700 miles from the US border south to an area just north of Puerto Vallarta. The Sierra Madre Del Sur begins close to where the Occidental range ends and continues south to Guatemala. The two western ranges a re bisected by the Trans-Volcanic Axis which is a geologically active volcanic mountain range whose smoldering cones link the western ranges with the eastern range. This east to west volcanic range starts near Cabo Corrientes, at the southern tip of Puerto Vallartas Banderas Bay, and ends just south of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico.

Now that we have the geography lesson behind us, let's just position ourselves where three of these four ranges intersect, i.e., in Puerto Vallarta. Standing in Vallarta, we look to the north and see the Sierra Madre Occidental range, to the south we see the Sierra Madre Del Sur range, and to the east we see the Trans-Volcanic Axis range. Yes, even though Puerto Vallarta is located on the Mexican Riviera along the Pacific Ocean coastline, you could say that it's in the center of the Sierra Madres. Being located in the center of the Sierra Madres and on the Pacific Ocean, Vallarta offers some of the most scenic land anywhere on the p lanet.

Being located at the same latitude as Hawaii, the climate in Vallarta is essentially the same as Hawaii. With the fabulous climate, outrageous views of mountains and ocean, located only two to three hours from the US, and a progressive PAN Party in power, real estate treasures in Vallarta have been discovered!

The coastline from Riviera Nayarit, 45 miles north of Vallarta all the way south to Careyes on the Costa Alegre, 55 miles south of Vallarta, is currently undergoing a major transformation. Due to the recent legal changes pertaining to the foreign ownership of coastal land in Mexico, the stable peso, the conservative and pro-US Mexican government, and of course, the onslaught of baby boomers searching for retirement destinations, this entire 100 mile stretch of the Mexican Riviera is exploding with population growth and new development.
One of the results of Mexico's 1917 Revolution was the Agrarian Law which provided the redistribution of land from the wealthy land owners to the farming peasants. This Agrarian Law prohibited the farmers from ever selling their land; they were only to work it. However, in 1973, the Mexican government modified the Agrarian Law, thus allowing foreign real estate investment in Mexico. Certain restricted zones were also made available to foreign buyers by establishing the fideicomiso, or bank trust. This 50 year bank trust grants the real estate title to a bank, acting as a trustee, who is obligated to follow all instructions given by the trust's beneficiary, the foreign buyer. The Agrarian Law was again amended in 1993, allowing the ejido farmers, with unanimous consent, to privatize or regularize their land and sell off parcels to others. In 1994, NAFTA created a dispute-settlement provision to protect direct foreign investments in Mexico. Since the PAN Party took cont rol in 2000, there have been a number of other legal changes, all designed to encourage foreign investments in Mexican real estate. They include financing, title insurance, bank trust regulations, and other tools to provide security to the foreign investor.

All Mexican land within 100 km of the borders and 50 km of the shorelines is considered as restricted zones and treated differently than the interior land. Since the beautiful western coastline property along the Mexican Riviera lies within the 50 km restricted zone, it is being slowly but surely acquired by foreigners through fideicomisos, as the ejido farmers privatize it. Of course, as it converts, its value and selling price skyrockets, thereby providing substantial new wealth for those fortunate land owning families or ejidos. There is so much magnificent coastline available, this process of conversion will probably continue for another generation.

As this coastline gets privatized, sold to foreigners, and developed, the North American baby boomer invasion continues and the local economy thrives as thousands of new construction and service jobs are created. The head of the local Chamber of Commerce has predicted the population of greater Vallarta to reach 600,000 inhabitants by 2015, making it much larger than many northern US cities such as Cleveland, Ohio. The current construction boom seems relentless as new villas, condominium complexes, shopping centers, and office buildings continue to spring up daily.

While boating in Banderas Bay, you peer across the water and see countless beautiful villas and condominiums nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madres and you must agree, "There's gold in them thar hills"; the real treasure of the Sierra Madres is the hills themselves and the real estate contained therein. It all lies before your eyes and is now available to you in Puerto Vallarta. So, why hesitate? Come on down this winter and explore the opportunities that await you in Paradise.

How Islamic Union Will Affect the Economic Development

Contemporary world politics make it necessary for nations to integrate into international unions in the interest of their own national security and economy. In these international unions, which are usually based upon geographic location, such factors as natural resources, trading blocs, and even cultural values play an important role. Many neighboring countries combine their resources under the auspices of such organizations, create defensive alliances, and cooperate on a wide array of issues. The goal of such unions is to preserve peace, control the arms race, resolve disputes through diplomacy, promote socioeconomic development, and protect fundamental human rights and democracy. At the present time, NATO, the OSCE, the EU, NAFTA, OPEC, ASEAN, the G-8, the D-8, and APEC are the foremost international political, military, and economic unions.

These institutions are subject to organizational reforms because of new members or a widening of scope. All of these organizations, formed in the aftermath of the Second World War, have contributed to creating stability and order in the world and have played a major role in global socioeconomic development. Member nations protect their economic and military interests, and also acquire a stronger regional and international position. Even the developed world perceives the necessity of such partnerships. The creation of free trade zones, regional trade agreements, abolished customs controls, and even a common currency (as in the EU) safeguard the future of member states. Defensive pacts enable member states to reduce military expenditures and to divert those resources to cultural and educational fields.

A similar organization will provide considerable benefits to Muslim nations. For those that are desperate for technological as well as economic develop ment, the foremost step toward stability is the creation of a central organization or, in other words, a unified Islamic world under the auspices of the Islamic Union.

Economic Development and Increasing Prosperity

Economic cooperation is necessary on two counts: stability and development. Muslim nations must bring stability and solidity to their economies. Developing industries and making the required investments is vital, as is the need for a comprehensive development plan and the simultaneous development of education, economy, culture, science, and technology. While various sectors are developed technologically, the labor force's educational levels and standards must be raised accordingly. Society must be motivated to become more productive, and the resulting economic cooperation will play a major role in eradicating poverty, illiteracy, the unjust distribution of wealth, and other socioeconomic problems rampant in Muslim countries. This partners hip can be formed only by the creation of free trade zones, customs unions, and common economic areas.

Most Muslim countries have geostrategic importance as well as rich natural resources (e.g., natural gas and crude oil). These resources and strategic opportunities, however, are not being used effectively. In the Islamic world, 86% of the population's living standards fall below $2,000, 76% under $1,000, and 67% under $500 per year. When the Islamic world's total resources are considered,(1) this is quite a paradox: Roughly half of the petrol consumed in the West is exported from the Islamic world, as is 40% of the world's agricultural production.(2) Many economists and strategists freely admit that the world economy depends upon the Islamic world's oil and gas exports, in particular those of the Persian Gulf.(3)

The Persian Gulf holds two-thirds of the planet's discovered crude oil reserves. Data obtained from research concludes that Saudi Arabia alone holds 25.4% of the world's oil reserves, or 262 billion barrels. A further 11% is found in Iraq, 9.6 % in the UAE, 9.2 % in Kuwait, 8.6 % in Iran, 13% in other OPEC member states. The rest is distributed across the remainder of the world.(4) Research commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that between 2000 and 2020, oil exports from the area will increase by 125%.(5) This means that the world will continue to meet most of its energy needs by imports from the Gulf region. Moreover, the Middle East has 40% of the global natural gas reserves; 35 % of these reserves are in the Gulf region.(6) Algeria, Libya, and other North African countries have 3.7 % of the world's reserves.

The Caucasus and Central Asia are also rich in oil, natural gas, and other natural resources. For instance, Kazakhstan has between 10-17.6 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, and its natural gas reserves are estimated at between 53 and 83 trillion cubic feet. Turkmenista n hasbetween 98 and 155 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, making it the fourth largest producer.(7) Some other Muslim countries have valuable mineral resources. For instance, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are two of the world's leading gold producers. Turkey has one of the world's richest boron reserves, only recently discovered to be very important, and Tajikistan has the world's largest aluminum producing facilities.

These advantages will become more important in the twenty-first century, which some have already christened the "energy century." Energy is an essential element of modern society in terms of the military, industry, urbanization, and transport. Given that economic activity and manufacturing depend primarily upon energy, nations will do their best to achieve control over these energy resources. The Islamic world is not using its resources effectively, for many of its members lack the infrastructure and technology to increase the production an d use their natural resources to develop their industries. Therefore, the resources' contributions to the country's economy are limited to export earnings. These countries do not have the means to process their own crude oil, use it in their industrial complexes, or to develop their industries. Worse still, some Muslim nations do not even have the necessary means to explore and research their natural resources or to discover and extract them. Explorations undertaken by foreign companies reveal that other Muslim nations have oil and gas reserves, but they cannot benefit from their resources.

Naturally, the ineffective use of natural resources is not the Islamic world's only economic problem. However, solving this problem can begin the process of solving many other problems. The economies of Muslim nations contain differences in structure and functioning. Some nations' economies depend upon mineral resources, such as the members of OPEC, while other nations' depen d upon agriculture. These differences are also reflected, to some extent, in their social structures, such as the widely varying degrees of rural and urban populations. Developing complementary relationships and helping each other in their respective areas of expertise can turn these differences into a source of riches. All of this will be possible with the Islamic Union.
Joint ventures and project partnerships will be an important step in the right direction, for they will enable countries to benefit from one another's experiences and the income earned from investment projects will benefit all of the participating countries. Such mutual financial support is compatible with Islamic morality, for helping the needy and having a sense of social responsibility are important characteristics that Muslims strive to acquire. Many verses in the Qur'an remind Muslims to watch over the needy.

Society's internal cohesion must be extended to international relations. As international cooperation within a partnership cannot be one-sided, employment and income levels will rise in both countries. For example, one country will produce oil and another one will process it, and agriculturally dependent countries will be able to import the food they need from agriculturally developed countries. A manpower-poor country's need will be met by ano ther Islamic country, while rich countries will be able to invest in and help out a manpower-rich country that does not have enough jobs for its people. This will be to the benefit of both. Sharing know-how and experience will increase prosperity, and all Muslims will benefit from technological developments.

Joint ventures that realize the Islamic world's unification of opportunities and means will enable Muslims to produce hi-tech products. The Islamic common market will enable Muslim-made products to be marketed in other Muslim countries without the hindrance of customs, quotas, and other cross-border obstacles. The marketplace will grow, the market share and exports of all Muslim nations will rise, industrialization will speed up, and economic development will bring progress in technology. The living standards and wealth of Muslim nations will increase, and their existing inequalities will disappear. Some free trade agreements are already in place between cou ntries in the Gulf, the Pacific Rim, and North Africa. Trade agreements signed by Turkey are already operational in the Islamic world. Bilateral cooperation exists in some regions; however, their scope must be widened. Such cooperation will safeguard the rights and interests of all Muslim nations and lead to all of them becoming developeda result from which all of them will derive a far greater benefit than if they do not cooperate with each other.

All of these can be realized only under a central authority's leadership and coordination. Achieving this will be possible if Muslim nations adopt the Qur'an's values and the Prophet's (May God bless him and grant him peace) Sunnah, or, in other words, if they adopt Islamic culture. The Islamic Union must lead the way to this cultural awakening, as well as the resulting political and economic cooperation.

Mutual cooperation among Muslims, part of the Islamic code, must be adhered to by all Muslims, for Go d commands people to refrain from avarice and to guard the needy and support one another. In fact, destitute people have a due share of the believers' wealth (Qur'an, 51:19). As the Qur'an proclaims:

Those of you possessing affluence and ample wealth should not make oaths that they will not give to their relatives, the very poor, and those who have migrated in the way of God. Rather, they should pardon and overlook. Would you not love God to forgive you? God is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur'an, 24:22)

He who has plenty should spend from his plenty, but he whose provision is restricted should spend from what God has given him. God does not demand from anyone more than He has given it. God will appoint ease after difficulty. (Qur'an, 65:7)

Our Lord also reveals that believers are one another's guardians (Qur'an, 9:71). The word "guardian" conveys such meanings as friend, helper, mentor, and protector. It also expresses the importanc e of cooperation and solidarity between Muslim nations. The cooperation that will arise from this fraternal awareness between Muslim nations will bring prosperity and wealth to Muslims and eradicate poverty, an important problem of the Islamic world. Societies that follow the Qur'an's values will not experience famine, destitution, and poverty. Muslims will develop their nations by following rational and long-term policies, establishing good relations with other nations and people, valuing trade and development, and learning from other cultures' experiences. This was so in history and, God willing, under the Islamic Union's leadership it will be so once again.

Under the pen name of Harun Yahya, Adnan Oktar has written some 250 works. His books contain a total of 46,000 pages and 31,500 illustrations. Of these books, 7,000 pages and 6,000 illustrations deal with the collapse of the Theory of Evolution. You can read, free of charge, all the books Adnan Oktar has w ritten under the pen name Harun Yahya on these websites

1- Demetrios Yiokaris, Islamic Leage Study Guide-1997, United Nations: Study Guides. Online at: /cowac/islmclg1.htm.
2- "Islamic Countries have the resources to match the west, scientist", Arabic, 28 May 2000. Online at: /ansub/ Daily/Day/000628/2000062848.html.
3- Anthony H. Cordesman and Arleigh A. Burke, "The Gulf and Transition: Executive Summary and Major Policy Recommendations" (October 30, 2000).
4- Anthony H. Cordesman and Arleigh A. Burke, "The US Military and the Evolving Challenges in the Middle East" (March 9, 2002), 3.
5- Anthony H. Cordesman and Arleigh A. Burke, "The US Military and the Evolving Challenges in the Middle East" (March 9, 2002), 3.
6- Anthony H. Cordesman and Arleigh A. Burke, "The US Military and the Evolving Challenges in the Middle East" (March 9, 2002), 4.
7- Jim Nichol, "Central Asia's New States: Political Developments an d Implications for U.S. Interests," CRS (Congressional Research Service) Issue Brief for Congress (June 13, 2003). Online at: /NLE/CRS/abstract.cfm?NLEid=16833.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bringing A Car Into Canada

It has been said that Canadians are "among the stupidest people in the world". Recent car pricing, in view of a rising Canadian "Loonie Dollar" is somewhat out of whack. For the most part a Canadian dollar in February 2008 trades at par - that is an American dollar roughly equals a Canadian dollar all things being equal.

A Canadian shopping in the U.S.A. for a car and then bringing it in, (importing the car), through relatively standardized channels can save a wallop of cash. For example - an Acura MDX models starts at $ 40,000 in the US but $ 54,000 in Canada.

The humorous part so to speak is that this car is made and manufactured in Canada, even with all kinds of federal and provincial government support and informal subsidies. In effect all the poor, luckless Canadian is doing is repatriating the Canadian citizen back home.

Importing a car from the U.S. into Canada is a relatively simple matter and process. First the prospective buyer researches his car in a standard and normal sense. Next he or she should check with the Canadian Government agency to check and verify if the car, truck or S.U.V. vehicle that they wish to import is admissible. The website is easily found, in a standard manner, from the Canadian Government Department "The Registrar of Foreign Motor Vehicles "or Riv for short. The website can be found at . Prominent on the front page of the website is "Importing a U.S. Vehicle into Canada Find out how."

The Riv's process states to check and verify: that your vehicle is admissible and can be modified to meet Canadian requirements by checking Transport Canada's List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States. The Registrar of Imported Vehicles program regulates only vehicles originally manufactured for the U.S. market. Vehicles originally manufactured to standards other than the U.S. or Canada, are inadmissible into Canada under the current laws. The program regulates passenger cars, trucks, vans, jeeps, chassis cabs, trailers, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and snowmobiles less than 15 years old and buses manufactured after January 1, 1971.

For information on the importation of vehicles into Canada from countries other than the United States, go to Transport Canada's web site as we ll as Canada Border Services Agency's web site.

Next in line with Riv's procedure is to check for vehicle modification requirements. Even if your vehicle was manufactured in Canada for North American requirement your vehicle must meet Canadian standards. As examples Canadian vehicles are required by laws and standards that both have car infant tether mounts and daylight running lights.
One more recent addition to the lists is for a simple recall clearance letter. The recall clearance letter sates that the vehicle has no outstanding recalls by the manufacturer on it.

The recall clearance letter must be on official letterhead from either the dealer or manufacture.

Either can simply issue the letter. However the letter is mandatory at the time of entry, in order to pass the Canadian border clearance process.

Even though the car is your property you must receive export clearance from the U.S. border authorities too "export'" the car, if it is to leave the U.S. Simply fax the appropriate U.S. border post's vehicle export fax phone number at least 72 hours before arrival.

Next, after receiving clearance follow the process outlined on the Riv site at the Canadian Border Port of entry. Not all Canadian border posts are set up for this process. Generally the larger entry ports are. You will be asked to provide docume ntation as indicated on the Riv site.

Title, documentation and sales receipts are required. You will need a valid Canadian address to be eligible for this process. You will be billed by Canada customs a Riv fee of approximately $ 300, General Sales Tax (G.S.T.) on the price of the vehicle. In addition, depending on the origin of manufacture of the car you will be required to pay 6.1 % duty if the car is not made within the NAFTA Free Trade Zone (U.S.A., Canada and Mexico). G.S.T. in 2008 now runs at 5 %. Provincial Sales Tax payment will vary depending on the province of the owner and importer of the vehicle.

Interestingly enough if the car is a "Classic Car", older than 15 years of age; the car will fall in a different and much simpler procedure with few requirements and inspection. It all depends on the rules and modifications for that vehicle as stated on the Riv website. If in doubt phone. Remember that you will have to comply again with certain reg ulations - such as daytime running lights and other requirements in your specific locale and province.

All in all importing a car into Canada from the United States can be a fairly easy and straightforward affair, even if you do it yourself, without the need for a broker. Two factors come into play - always verify what the current rules are with the Government of Canada authorities - Transport Canada and the Registrar of Foreign Motor Vehicles (Riv). Lastly always pay close attention to fluctuations in the currency rates - Canadian dollars vs. U.S. American greenbacks.

Import Your New Car Into Canada Without A Broker

Simply put if you wish to import a car into Canada without a professional auto import broker's help then you are going to have to follow Riv's ( Canadian Registrar of Foreign Motor Vehicle's ) as well as your local provincial or territory rules. Simple as that.

It is a misconception that almost all cars in the United States can be imported easily into Canada. You may have seen terrible news reports of angry and mystified car buyers held back at the Canadian border with a car that they cannot bring in or import into Canada. The key is to do your homework. Check the rules. Recheck. If in doubt it never hurts to be on the safe side and check once again - perhaps by email so there is written documentation. Otherwise you may in a position like those poor people on Canadian TV news. Intending to save money on a new or used car purchase, but with a car stuck on the American side of the border. No car imported in Canada. No cash.

Guess they will have to sell the car to a willing American buyer - perhaps for ease of sale sold on eBay. Again the key is to do your homework thoroughly.

If your vehicle that you plan to import into Canada is less than 15 years of age you will have to find out if it qualifies for importation under Transport Canada's Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) program. The RIV's program is set up to ensure that qualifying models imported into Canada are modified , inspected and certified to meet Canadian standards, You can most easily visit the Riv site online at / ,
Phone a toll free number, email or snail mail.

The key question to have answered on the Riv site or in direct communication with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles that your car, truck or S.U.V. is admissible for importation into Canada according to the gold standard - "Transport Canada's List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States. Next it is essential totally that your vehicle is NOT on the Inadmissible List. This Transport Canada list is your bible for importation of your vehicle into Canada without a broker. Lastly ensure in the third column marked "notes" that there are no overriding further restriction in regards to your vehicle and that any modifications noted and i nsisted on in the column can be completed as well as accomplished within a cost factor within your choice and budget.
Assuming that you have accomplished all the above. Before your vehicle can leave the United Sates it must be cleared for export by U.S. Customs. Fax the bill of sale, title and relevant documents to the appropriate U.S. Customs office at least 72 hours prior to your arrival at U.S. / Canadian Border.

Your next process will be to clear Canadian authorities. Again if you have prepared the proper documentation - Bill of Sale , title , clearance letter from the U.S. Customs office and a recall clearance letter on official letterhead from the dealer or manufacturer of the vehicle stating that all recalls have been performed on the vehicle. You will be asked to pay approx $ 300 Riv fees at that time, GST (General Sales Tax) on the price of the vehicle. If your vehicle was manufactured in the NAFTA (North America Free Trade) areas of the United States, Canada or Mexico you will not pay additional import duties and taxes on the vehicle, which are generally about 6 %. Depending on your geography and jurisdiction you may or may not have to pay provincial sales tax at the time point or later when the car is registered and licensed. Lastly if your car has air conditioning installed you will be asked to pay an excise fee of $ 100.

You cross the border and you are almost home free. Riv has appointed the national automotive chain Canadian Tire to conduct the final inspection of your vehicle and perform any modifications required. The fee of inspection is included in the Riv fee at the border. Any modifications or work necessary is at your expense. In the case of some luxury brands inspection, modification and certification can only be done at factory authorized retailer. You can only be given the essential recall clearance letter until this authorized dealership route is completed.

You are now cleared, almost at the successful completion of importing your new car into Canada, without a broker. The final step is to registe r and license your new vehicle in your local provincial or territorial area. You have imported your new vehicle - all without a professional import car broker

Ten Ways to Deal With Illegal Immigration

The issue of illegal immigration is a multi-faceted problem that has become a focal point in the United States in the last year. Emotions run high on both sides of this debate, but most agree that this is a problem that should be addressed. In finding a solution, Americans must be humane and compassionate. Most of these illegal immigrants are good people who have risked everything to come to America in hopes of finding a better way of life for their families. But finding a solution that is compassionate does not necessitate that we abandon the rule of law. Our solution must be fair, reasonable, and consistent with our laws. Whilst many proposals have been put forth, few have gained traction.

There are ten ways to move forward with this issue. Most initiatives put forth focus on making it more difficult for illegal immigrants to enter America. What remains is dealing with the estimated twelve million illegals who are already here. Not only would it be logistically impossible to find and deport all the illegals currently in the U.S., such a movement would set a dangerously destabilizing moral precedent. Suspicious Americans could begin witch hunts to turn in people suspected of being illegal based solely on ethnicity. Rather, additional measures should focus on disincentives to being illegal and outside the system, thus encouraging illegal aliens to begin the process of either obtaining guest worker status or citizenship.

First, securing the border is an important psychological step in the public eye. A border fence is impractical and will not stop illegal immigrants from Mexico entering the country. A technologically sophisticated virtua l border fence using cameras, radar, and unmanned aerial drones is an efficient and practical way of monitoring the U.S.-Mexico border. This alone, however, is not enough and should be considered a tool in assisting border patrols in guarding the border. An increase in the physical presence of border patrols including volunteer minutemen and National Guard Reservists will help make illegal border crossing much more difficult.

Second, we cannot allow endless numbers of immigrants (from any country) to enter the United States each year. Presuming we can control access to the U.S. through border security policies, we must institute a quota on the number of immigrants allowed to enter our country each year based on country of origin, number of applicants from that country, the U.S.'s relation with that country, etc. If we allow uncontrolled immigration to our country, our system and our resources will ultimately be overwhelmed.

Third, there must be a m ore stringent visa system that allows identification of potential threats and tracking of those allowed to enter. Whilst the visa application system is already complex, we must include background checks and cross references with the applicant's country of origin , law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, and intelligence agencies such as CIA to determine if the applicant is a potential threat. This would be facilitated through the use of biometrics submitted upon application and checked upon arrival in the United States. Technological advances have made biometrics more efficient thus facilitating the tracking of visa holders here in America.

Fourth, it is clear that Americans oppose amnesty for illegal aliens already in Americaas well they should. Nor should the illegals here be given priority status on the path to citizenship. Just as getting here should be difficult, the path to citizenship should be equally difficult. An expansion of the guest worker program me would provide a means for America to capitalize on the illegal aliens working here in America without giving the benefits of citizenship. Much resentment stems from illegal workers here taking jobs but not paying their share of taxes. American animosity may be lessened if there were a perception that these illegals were paying their fair share of the financial burden. Thus, a guest worker programme where illegals pay high initial fines for entering illegally and not paying taxes and ongoing higher taxes would generate funds to defray the public sector costs such as education, medical treatment, etc. or could be used to help the soon-to-be insolvent Social Security Trust.

Fifth, we should offer expedited citizenship to those who wish to immigrate here in exchange for five years of honourable military service. Upon honourable discharge, they are granted citizenship but receive no benefits from the military unless they continue service for an additional full to ur of duty. This service to our country shows the commitment to America that many doubt immigrants have currently. Or, in lieu of military service, immigrants can participate in a national ethanol refinery building initiative. If ethanol is truly the fuel of the future as many suggest, this is an effective means to build energy independence by transitioning from oil to ethanol with the capacity to ensure ample supply to satisfy Americans' insatiable thirst for energy.
Sixth, all immigrants, either illegal or on guest worker status, who commit felonies should immediately be deported and barred from re-entry. If their country of origin will not take them and honour the convictions set forth by our courts, the criminal should be deported to a facility such as Guantanamo Bay. Violent criminals would automatically be deported to Guantanamo or a similar penal colony. In the event the country of origin will not honor a conviction from our courts, the cost of incarcerating the prisoner here should be billed to the illegal's home government. In addition, we could begin to capitalize on this source of "free" labor. These criminals could be put to hard work on public works projects for the benefit of our citizens. But under no circumstances should we be weak on punishing those illegals who commit crimes here against Americans. Nor should American taxpayers bear the financial burden of sustaining criminals in our prisons without some benefit.

Seventh, illegal immigrants and their families should be restricted from public services that are funded by the taxpayers. Whilst their citizenship is pending or they are on guest worker status, they should be required to pay for public education for their children, for example. In addition, if they have children while in this country, the children are not automatically citizens of the United States. The children cannot be citizens until their parents legally become citizens. Most Americans rightly object to granting citizenship to children born in America of illegal parents simply because they were born on American soil. This would tend to address concerns of Americans that illegal aliens receive free public services at the expense of taxpayers.

Eighth, the government must levy substantial fines on employers who utilize illegal immigrant labour. Business shares the burden of this problem. Businesses who utilize illegal alien labour and pay for the ir services in cash encourage more immigrants to sneak across our borders. Strict fines punish businesses and discourage the use of illegal alien labourers. If there are no jobs for illegals, there is an incentive to legally apply for guest worker status.

Ninth, despite vociferous protests from the ACLU and similar organizations, America needs to move towards a national identification card that incorporates biometric technologies. National ID cards, when integrated into an identification database, provide an effective way of determining the legal status of a job applicant. In addition, a national ID card system would help improve border control and identification of illegals whose guest worker status had expired.

Finally, most Americans resent that many illegal workers in the U.S. are paid in cash and, thus, avoid paying taxes on their earnings. Adopting a national sales tax in lieu of income taxes would help overcome tax avoidance by illegals and c itizens alike. A consumption tax, then, levels the financial playing field in that those who spend the most pay the most. As all illegals must purchase goods to survive, none would be able to avoid their tax liability.

To be sure, there may be other options for dealing with the immigration problemthough these may be more controversial such as annexing Mexico, repealing NAFTA, or placing sanctions against Mexico until that government helps address border security. What we know is that there is no one solution. The solution to this problem must address many aspects of the complex challenges posed by illegal immigration. Whatever solutions arise, we must remain fair and balanced. America has a rich history of immigration by peoples searching for a better way of life. We have always been a lighthouse for lost immigrants seeking the shores of freedom, and we have always welcomed those who follow the appropriate channels to become citizens. But immigration of recent y ears has overwhelmed our system and the American public. America welcomes immigrants but, just as those in the past, new immigrants must follow the rules to get here.

Nuclear Threat From Mexico

Detonating a nuclear weapon in or over Juarez, Mexico is the same thing as detonating one in El Paso, Texas: The difference is it may be a little easier to effect in Juarez. From the heart of downtown El Paso to downtown Juarez is just a very short distance. Or a bomb on the international bridge dividing the two countries empties into Avenida Jurez in downtown Juarez, on the south and El Paso downtown to the north could do the job and would be easy for any terrorist to pull off. Nowhere else on the planet are two major cities of two different nations so closely tied together and vulnerable or so easy to visit from either side day or night.
One nuclear weapon placed in Juarez Mexico could kill up-wards of two million people almost half of them Americans living in both El Paso and Juarez.
Just a historical reminder: The atomic bomb named "Little Boy" was dropped on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay, a Boeing B-29 bomber, at 8:15 in the morning of August 6, 1945 - 62 years ago.

Of growing concern to some U.S. officials is the way the terrorists south of the border are taking advantage of the lack of sophistication on the Mexicans part for their inability and unwillingness to protect their own borders from terrorist infiltration and are using the low Mexican immigration standards and the U.S. open border to slip into Mexico or the U.S. with a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb.
Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey told NewsMax in an exclusive interview that terrorists could strike the American homeland possibly with a weapon of mass destruction.
A terrorist strike with a nuclear, dirty b omb or with biological weapons was "a real possibility." Woolsey's comments echo those of FBI Director Robert Mueller, who told NewsMax that al-Qaeda's paramount goal is clear: to detonate a nuclear device that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.
Tens of millions of radical Muslims, mostly of Arabic descent, live in Latin America.
International law-enforcement authorities combating terrorism have growing concerns about a major influx into Mexico of Arabic-speaking visitors carrying Cuban, Russian, Greece, Holland and other European passports.
Many of the passport holders could not even speak the language of their so-called mother land, according to a secret report given to the Mexican legislators.
Intelligence sources have been warning us that they have noticed a tendency among Islamic terrorists to operate in Mexico. Mexico with a territory slightly bigger than Alaska and with geographic extremes that have proven perfect for hiding bomb s, weapons, illegal aliens, and drugs is currently what's going on south of our border.
According to the "INM" (Mex. Immigr.) Just last week six adult male Iraqis were arrested in Tapachula, state of Chiapas, while attempting to reach the Distrito Federal of Mexico and to proceed to the United States from that point. In their preliminary declaration, the six said they entered through Central America, reached Guatemala and that there they purchased the false passports from Greece and Holland which they initially presented to Mexican officials when arrested. They also claimed they crossed the Suchiate River (bordering Mexico and Guatemala) on a raft.

The names on the phony passports were Hristov Eroslavov Dobromir, Mirian Sitkinas, Carlos Harden, Stevan Bergian, Vasileios Venetis and Vasilev Martinov Georgi.
Another two Iraqis with false Bulgarian passports were detected and detained at the airport in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Now, Mexican officials are reportedly investigating "a network that could be made up of Mexicans operating in Greece who is selling false Bulgarian passports for ten thousand dollars to European and Middle Eastern citizens." Last year 28 illegal's from Iraq were detected at the airport in Monterrey alone (El Porvenir said there were 23, seventeen of them in a single event)
The latest two, "Wisam Gorgies", 34 yr. old male, and "Rana Nazar Peyoz", 26 yr. old female, flew from Madrid and said they obtained the false passports in Greece; their aim was to reach the United States.

The Mexican government is very concerned with the up-tick of known Mexican communist party members who are being converted to Islam this arises from recent immigrants who import new radical jihadi philosophies into their ranks. These people are also active in Islamic missionary work converting the poor and destitute with promises of a better life under Islam.
These terrorists are organized in active cell s around the country of Mexico according to a Mexican General who wants to remain nameless. I have seen documents describing part of the drug-smuggling cartels cooperation with terrorists using their existing routes though Mexico to the states. Islamic terrorists are paying millions to the Mexicans to transport their drugs from Afghanistan, as well as weapons and people. These elaborate well defined drug routes run through a web of border crossings pointing also to the complex cooperation between various "smuggling cartels and the terrorists." These belong to jihadi organizations such as al-Qaeda, joining forces with local drug lords, developing and greasing their smuggling skids with money all the way to Mexico aiming ultimately to hit the U.S. With the nature of lawlessness, graft, poverty and disorder in Mexico, enables operatives of such terrorist groups as al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas to operate with impunity. These organizations have turned Mexico into a logistical attack base.
The growing danger is that the militant Islam terrorists have penetrated Mexico. Some of them have ties to smugglers operating in American states bordering Mexico, especially those with connections in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California.
Experienced anti-terror experts report the Mexican border is the Achilles heel of the Department of Homeland Security.
Islam is on the move in Mexico and throughout Latin America, making dramatic gains in converting the native population, increasing immigration, establishing businesses and charities and attracting attention from U.S. government officials who have asked their neighbors to the south to keep an eye on foreign Muslim groups.
Al-Qaeda and oth er allied organizations are expanding operations throughout Mexico, establishing both legitimate and criminal enterprises to help fund future attack operations.
According to U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Charles Shapiro, almost every extremist terror group is now represented in Latin America.
Pentagon officials have confirmed human smuggling rings in Latin America are attempting to sneak al-Qaeda operatives into the U.S.
Anti-terrorism experts say extremist cells tied to Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda network are operating in Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Uruguay.
FBI Director Robert Mueller told a congressional panel that illegal aliens from countries with ties to al-Qaeda have crossed into the U.S. from Mexico using false identities.
Mueller said some of the aliens are people with Middle Eastern names who have adopted Hispanic last names before coming into the U.S.
"We are concerned, Homeland S ecurity is concerned about special interest aliens entering the United States," Mueller said.
The U.S. Bush administration officials have previously said al-Qaeda could try to infiltrate the United States through the Mexican border.
Al-Qaeda has become deeply involved in cocaine and heroine trafficking, arms and uranium smuggling, counterfeiting CDs and DVDs and money-laundering activities.
Cash laden Non-Mexicans often are more difficult to intercept because they typically pay high-end smugglers a large sum of money to efficiently assist them in setting up in Mexico or help them across the border, rather than traverse it on their own.

According to the WorldNetDaily many of America's enemies have chosen Mexico as a target to locate and undermine security in the Americas and weaken America politically and strategically. America's various adversaries have chosen Mexico as their infiltration route. And American politicians are opening the doors wide to our enemies with NAFTA and The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) programs.

Robert Grenier, who was head of the CIA's counter-terrorism center, told a press conference in Mexico that the Muslim terrorist organizations see the illegal immigration and drug trafficking networks in the Latin American nations as the most effective way to move people and equipment into the US.
Grenier said that the Bush Administration fears both Hamas and Hizballah may already have sleeper cells operating in Mexico.
Hamas and Hizballah have both threatened in the past to extend their war against Israel to include the United States.

Source: U.S. Government, Mexican Government, Laguna Journal, WorldNetDaily & NewsMax.

Why not a Warning for Mexico Travel or at Least an Up-grade to the Existing Alert?

El Paso/Juarez Metro-Borderplex Thousands of Mexican soldiers have been sent to CD. Juarez, after many pleas for help from the Jurez Mayor Jos Reyes Ferriz. The Mexican troops and federal Mexican police are patrolling the city with gunship helicopters, troop personal carries, pickups and Humvees with mounted .50-caliber machine guns. These Mexican troop convoys are currently operating throughout the city. As reported in the Laguna Journal the Mexican soldiers are armed with combat M-16 fully automatic rifles. This latest action by Mexican President Calderon now places Mexican armed soldiers on the U.S. Border with Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

A convoy of newly arrived Mexican soldiers in a variety of military vehicles traveled along Barranca Azul street to a military installation in South of Juarez Friday.

This latest Mexican troop movement places more than 30,000 Mexican troops combating the Mexican cartels throughout the country. This operation, dubbed Operacin Conjunta Chihuahua, by the Mexican army is expected to provoke a violent response from Mexican drug cartels, officials said.

"We are not going to give in," Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna said. "In the states where there is most violence, we will be right there to confront the phenomenon."

Dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped, held hostage and killed by their captors in Mexico and many cases remain unsolved. Moreover, new cases of disappearances and kidnap-for-ransom continue to be reported.

An alarming number of Americans are vanishing in Mexico where there has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of U.S. citizens who have recently been reported missing or kidnapped along the border with Mexico, reports the Washington Post. Many who have vanished from U.S. cities are still missing and it is feared they will turn up in the mass graves that have been discovered lately in Mexico.

Mexican federal police guard the home where authorities discovered 36 bodies buried beneath a patio. The tallest building stands on the same property where the remains were found.

The U.S. Government has not issued a new travel warning or even an up-grade on its existing alert. Even though many Mexican cities on the U.S. Border and elsewhere in Mexico is under siege. The question is why not. Mexico is now one of the most dangerous countries in the world. And it is our neighbors to the south with a population nearing 100 million people.

Fort Bliss bans soldiers from visiting Juarez because of increasing violence there, Fort Bliss officials say they've discontinued issuing passes to soldiers who want to travel across the border to Juarez. If its not safe for U.S. Soldiers, than it is unsafe for other Americans. Said, John Lutes who was born in El Paso and served in the military.

The Maverick Conservative Public Journal reported recently that citizens in both El Paso Texas and Juarez Mexico woke up to the news that thousands of Mexican troops are now patrolling the streets of Juarez according to flash radio and TV reports. The troops are there according to Mexican President Filipe Caldron because of the ongoing violence" in the DRUG WAR going on along the Mexican border (especially in Mexican cities bordering the U.S. like Juarez.

Juan Diaz a resident of Juarez said "he awoke recently to a radio report about another gunshot victim being rushed to an AMERICAN hospital from Columbus, Mexico--the place, I believe, where the POLICE CHIEF sought asylum in the U.S. from about two weeks ago." The El Paso Times has even begun carrying stories about it being DANGEROUS for people to go to Juarez. You know things are BAD when they start to be warnings about going into Mexico. Both economies depend a good deal on tourist, and El Paso hardly wants people to get the idea that Juarez is a DANGEROUS place to visit. People visiting Juarez generally go through El Paso. To me, this DETERIORATION along the Mexican border I have never seen it this bad in the 40 years I have lived in the region." At a recent news conference in Jurez , Gen. Guillermo Galvn Galvn, Mexico's defense secretary, said 100 soldiers would also be sent to Palomas, across the border from Columbus, N.M. See Mexican Police Chief Requests US Asylum

Meanwhile, even the national mainstream media is pretty much ignoring the deteriorating situation along the Mexican border even as it has become daily news, as they continue their propaganda against any effective action to control ill egal immigration or to secure the Mexican border.
The most dangerous city in the world status is the one where there is a war zone, where killings, kidnappings, torture, muggings or any number of other criteria could be used to claim the "most dangerous" title. Mexico meets all that criteria and more, yet the U.S. Government seems to be doing nothing.

Many critics claim that the relationship between Washington and Mexico City is to cozy.

Since President Bush took office he has been reluctant to criticize Mexico. Critic's of NAFTA say the President does not want to do anything to upset the Mexican Government as he courts their membership in the U.S. Canadian, Mexico reliance program referred to as "The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP). Critic's of the war on drugs and terror say for what ever reasons the Bush administration wants the border between Mexico and the U.S. to remain open at all costs. The U.S. ambassador to Mexico said the United States is considering i ssuing a heightened travel alert in the coming days. "While there is little doubt in my mind that the travel alert should be reissued, it may also be necessary to heighten the alert to better reflect the increasing insecurity in the state of Chihuahua," U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza said.

The U.S. State Department reluctantly issued an alert last year warning Americans about travel in areas of Mexico where foreigners have been targeted. The alert is due to expire April 15. 2008. Mexico has suffered a wave of organized crime and drug-related violence that killed more than 2,500 people last year.

According to the U.S. State Department "Travel Warnings" are issued when the State Department decides, based on all relevant information, to recommend that Americans avoid travel to a certain country. Countries where avoidance of travel is recommended will have Travel Warnings as well as Country Specific Information. No travel warning is in place for the count ry of Mexico

Travel Warning should provide updated information on the security situation in Mexico. The security threat to all American citizens in Mexico remains critical.

The Department of State continues to strongly warn U.S. citizens against travel to Afghanistan. And other countries but not Mexico. U.S. Mexican border Drug War kills more than War on Terror in Afghanistan The State dept. says that no part of Afghanistan should be considered immune from violence, and the potential exists throughout the country for hostile acts, either targeted or random, against American and other western nationals at any time. That is also true of Mexico. There is an on-going threat to kidnap and assassinate U.S. citizens. Mexican authorities have a limited ability to maintain order and ensure the security of citizens and visitors.

Travel in all areas of Mexico, including border cities, is unsafe due to military operations, armed rivalries among numerous Drug Cartels, Gangs and other drug war activity, kidnappings for ransom and kidnappings for revenge killings, banditry, and the possibility of terrorist attacks, including attacks using vehicular or other improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The security environment remains volatile and unpredictable.

Foreigners throughout the country continued to be targeted for violent attacks and kidnappings, motivated by Mexican criminals.

Riots and incidents of civil disturbance can and do occur, often without warning. American citizens should avoid rallies and demonstrations; even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence.
Carjackings, robberies, and violent crime remain a problem. Americans who find themselves in such situations cannot assume that either local law enforcement or the U.S. Embassy will be able to assist them.

Travel Alerts are a means to disseminate information abo ut terrorist threats and other relatively short-term and/or trans-national conditions posing significant risks to the security of American travelers. The TAs are made when there is a specific threat that cannot be countered. In the past, Travel Alerts have been issued to deal with short-term coups, violence by terrorists and anniversary dates of specific terrorist events.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! it is Time to Learn to Speak Spanish Fluently

In today's unpredictable job market and economy, as Forest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." With the merging of companies and out-sourcing of jobs, gone are the days when we felt secure in our jobs and when we could take our employment for granted and go on cruise control until retirement. We can no longer be in denial about the fact that our world is becoming more global and contact with people of other countries is increasing exponentially. How can you improve and expand your employment options and security nowadays? The answer is one in which few of us really give serious thought to because it seems too simple. The answer is this: if you learn to speak Spanish fluently, you will increase your marketability, job position, job options, salary and security.

Increased Marketability:

Why should you invest your time and energy to know a second language? More and more jobs today require a minimum of basic proficiency in another language. If you have proven yourself to be a competent employee with the required job skills and you speak a foreign language such as Spanish, you are much more likely to snap up that dream job of yours than if you are monolingual. Even only having a basic knowledge of Spanish may be the deciding factor that puts you in a class above the rest of the applicants for the job you are pursuing.

Increased Job/Career Options:

In the US, with the rapidly increasing Hispanic population, there are many different career fields such as nurses, social workers, teachers, drug enforcement agents, investment analysts and many more, that need Spanish speakers. On the international platform, people who speak Spanish often have opportunities to work in trade or business fields. Other more high profile options include diplomacy, interpretation, and security applications, which all require proficiency of another language.

Increased Salary:

Money talks. Did you know that bilingual highly skilled employees often receive a larger salary than their non-Spanish speaking counterparts? Having an extra language skill that few people have will give you a marketable advantage over your competitors. The fact that companies are willing to pay you more for speaking Spanish is especially seen in the more senior/managerial positions. Thus to secure a senior management position in a large company, a knowledge of languages such as Spanish and the experience of other Spanish countries and cultures which that allows, are now essential. An employer will see you as a bridge to new clients if you know their language. More clients equal more money and profits for the company.
Increased Career Security:

Nowadays government agencies are in search of recruiting professionals with competency in a foreign language such as Spanish. Why? Because when you learn to speak fluent Spanish you will also improve your problem solving skills and this is a skill that is highly regarded in all professions. This in turn will better equip you with the necessary skills required to accommodate, understand and handle the cultural nuances when dealing with US trading and economic partners such as Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, etc. Because of our global economy, this trend of employers of multinational companies seeking employees with foreign language proficiency will continue to increase. Professionals with such a skill are in growing demand and being able to speak fluent Spanish (especially in the US) will be in increasing demand due to the fact that the US and Canada have many Spanish-speaking geographic neighbors who are also important economic/tra ding partners such as Mexico (through NAFTA) and the countries of Central and South America.

Nothing in life is guaranteed but what we can do is to improve the odds with regards to our job security and overall financial well being by learning Spanish. Spanish could play a unique role in improving your professional portfolio, security and salary. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to learn how to speak Spanish online (for the convenience, student-centered teaching tools and excellent resources available). There is no time like the present to get started and get ahead of the game before it's over.

The Clinton Legacy ? Whatever it Takes to Win

Well Hillary certainly did gain some degree of experience during the Bill Clinton years in the White House. She learned the art of media misdirection, the ability to double cross any bridge when she came to it, and the ability to deny the past if it is the politically expedient thing to do.

Where does her training come from, President Bill Clinton of course? Last night in his whirlwind tour of small town America in North Carolina on behalf of his wife he claimed that his Clinton years as President were the best years in "Modern American History." I thought it was up to historians to make that determination but clearly Bill Clinton has already written the history books.

These were the best years in modern American history? If the Clinton years were the best years in modern American history then why doesn't the public agree? In 1992 Clinton was elected with the smallest winning percentage in modern American history only 43% of the vote, tying Richard Nixon in 1968 for that dubious distinction.

By 1996 Clinton still failed to capture half of the vote winning 49%, but one half of the eligible voters were so disgusted with politicians they didn't even vote. That means Clinton won with less than 25% of the eligible voters. Does that sound like the most successful presidency in modern history?

What happened during those Clinton years when Hillary was serving as assistant president according to her resume and campaign claims? It seems as if Bill Clinton had an epiphany and figured out how to out Republican the Republicans. Clinton became the first Democrat to be the darling of the business community as first the poverty stricken were victims of the Clinton epiphany, then the minorities, then the immigrants, and then labor unions, the core of the Democratic party.

Clinton slammed through the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement, with the help of his wife the First Lady, that led to the loss of millions of American jobs, a transfer of the production of American goods and services to foreign countries, and the failure to set in motion controls and testing that would protect Americans from poor quality, unsafe and dangerous foreign products.

Welfare and poverty programs were victims of budget cuts while immigrants, legal and otherwise, were denied benefits and legal representation. Prison populations increased rapidly from the law and order attitude of the president to the point that the death penalty was extended to cover many new crimes and actions such as the Waco FBI attack on a religious sect resulted in the deaths of 86 men, women and children.

Clinton ordered a bombing attack on Baghdad, Iraq just six months after taking office. Several times during the Clinton presidency Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the World Trade Center 9-11 bombings and worldwide terrorism network that would haunt us until this day could have been captured by the USA but each event was bungled by the administration. Is that a sign of the best presidency in modern American history?
Clinton maintained the military establishment although the Soviet Union was gone and there were no more wars. He courted the Republican business community with tax breaks, trade agreements, and other favors throughout his two terms. When it became necessary to cut government expenditures to balance the budget the Clinton White House approved eliminating $5 billion in educational spending to repair crumbling schools and rejecting a proposal to extend health insurance to 10.5 million uninsured children leaning on Congress to back his rejection.

Of course there is also the personal actions during the Clinton presidency like Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones and Whitewater to name a few that disgusted the public to the point of impeachment of the president. Only three times in our history have impeachment charges been brought against a president. Just twice in our history did the House vote for impeachment and send it to the Senate for trial. The two cases were Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999. Clinton was acquitted after the trial on a tie vote.

This was the Clinton presidency that Bill now calls the greatest of modern times and that Hillary says was her training ground for presidential experience. It also led to her election to the US Senate and to her failing to disclose $24 million in Bill's income over a three-year period (2004-2006) not to mention their joint income of $109 million

In the eight years since he was president Bill and Hillary earned $109 million including lucrative consulting contracts and six figure speaking engagements, hardly a sign of the people's candidate. What companies can afford to pay over $100,000 to hear him speak? It is doubtful many struggling non-profits are on his itinerary. This is what makes the Clinton presidency the best in modern history?

One can only hope the traditional Democrats will see how they have bee n duped, the labor unions, immigrants and minorities will see how they have been taken for granted, and the general public will see how they have been used. Can we really afford eight more years of double talk, double crossing and double dealing at the highest levels of our government? If this is the legacy of the greatest presidency of modern times then I believe the last thing we need is experienced people like Hillary who were running the country through those years.

Is Edi a Growing Industry?

Is EDI a Growing Industry?

Short answer is Yes!!! EDI is Growing big time!!!

EDI is expected to grow with business-to-business e-commerce overall, a sector that was growing quickly in the early 2000s. In 2000 alone, business-to-business sales were estimated to be $3.3 trillion, with forecasts predicting an increase to $5.2 trillion by 2004, according to Corporate EFT Report. The Gartner Group forecast sales in this sector to be even higher, reaching $7.29 trillion by 2004. The use of EDI also is expected to grow along with international trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

According to Corporate EFT Report, in the early 2000s the lines between EDI and other Internet channelsincluding hybrid EDI/Internet electronic trading networks, Internet e-marketplaces, extranets, Internet company-to-company links, and private emarkets-were beginning to blur, and companies were relying on a variety of channels to conduct business with suppliers, depending on the nature of their business goals.

In a Planet IT article, David Yockelson provided a similar snapshot of EDI in the early 2000s, as well as a glimpse at the road ahead: "VANs haven't gone away, but the demands of businesses and their trading partners have changed dramatically. Internet-based transport, broader and more robust sets of information and real-time connectivity are just a few of the items that have been appended to the connectivity wish lists of most companies. Moreover, the basic language of data movement has suddenly become XML, despite the presence of decades-old ED I standards. VANs aren't dead. EDI isn't going away any time soon. And XML, while incredibly exciting as an application and data-neutralizing standard, is in its infancy."
EDI was expected to grow, it was just a matter of time before internet will be everywhere and the low cost of electronic transactions reduced scientifically and EDI there are affordable EDI solutions of all sizes and to all types of companies.

There is no way a business can continue to grow and trade with large vendors, retailers and suppliers without being able to exchange EDI documents online quickly. Every year more and more companies join the EDI network beginning to use electronic documents and enjoy the speed of electronic business.

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