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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The American Economy-find Out Why Stimulus Packages and Tax Cuts Will not Help the Economy

Ok here we go.

This is my personal opinion of why the American economy is falling and just why it may get worse. For decades now we have been losing in the industrial area. Our industrial landscape or infrastructure has been declining for years. We have become a nation of consumers not builders. Not much is made in this country anymore, we are buying everyone else's products.

We have settled for cheaper products. We have shot ourselves in the foot. We went form the building industry, to a service industry and now we are just a nation of consumers. A nation of consumers can not survive on it's own. It has no foundation to stand on and that is where we are now.

I would not mind spending a little more for a product knowing jobs are being created and the money staying here in the America. Cheaper is not always better. Another thing is that the Global Economy has not helped the US at all. It has helped a lot of other countries except the US. Other countries are now becoming captains of industry while we fall behind. This has been happening for decades and now it is all coming to a head.

I believe it kicked in high gear with the signing of NAFTA. That really started the ball rolling. Where companies went running over seas for cheap labor and putting American people out of work and industry. This is when the economical and in dustrial landscape starting declining. And now here we are about to go broke as a country. Well we already are, borrowing money from other countries just to stay afloat.

We are like someone in debt that continues to borrow money and keeps sinking even deeper. We can not keep this up indefinitely. Who do we have to thank for this? You guessed it our incompetent Government. Apparently the US Government has been tearing this country down for years without any plan for building it back up. They have only been catering to big business and big money. Doing favors for those contributing to their party fundraisers. Money first people second if at all.

These people in Washington that have been voted in have not been working for America. I personally blame Congress. Meanwhile they are trying to point the finger somewhere else. They make the final decisions, and their decisions are costing us are economy. That is why we are in the economical mess right now. We need new people in Washington to work for America not themselves.

It does not matter who is President if we do not build this country from the bottom up nothing is goi ng to work. This is why a stimulus package and tax cuts will not work. It is like a business, it is built from the ground up not from the top to bottom. The top down plan does not work. If we do not bring industry back to the US the economy will totally and completely collapse.

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