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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spanish Schools in South America are of Great Value

Spanish is one of the two most popular languages in South America, the other being Portuguese. Almost 90% of South American population speaks Spanish and it is the official language of many South American countries. Spanish is a popular language mostly because of South America's historic connection with Spain. Besides South America, Spanish is spoken in all the leading continents. It is also spoken in Philippines in Asia, in Africa and of course in Europe.

The Spanish language is one of the most popular and simple foreign languages for those who already know English. The phonetics of the Spanish language is same as English, which makes it comparatively simpler to learn. With economic growth and expansion of South American countries, Spanish language schools are becoming increasingly popular. Enrolment in Spanish language schools increased with many South American countries signing the North America Free Trade Economy (NAFTA). The signing of this treaty leads to better trade relations between these countries and the Spanish language schools have thus become very important to the business world.

Knowing a foreign language can give people an edge over their peers in the work place and people realise that learning Spanish can be of great advantage in their professions. People are queuing up for Spanish schools in their own countries but the best way to learn this language would be by enrolling in Spanish lang uage schools situated in a Spanish speaking country. One can learn Spanish in South American countries like Argentina, Peru, Chile or Patagonia through the Spanish school 'Latin Immersion'. Latin Immersion is a Spanish language school that provides you with the opportunity to study Spanish while experiencing the South American culture.

The initial eight levels concentrate on the basic elements of the Spanish language like vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation skills and grammar. These eight levels can teach you adequate Spanish for practical purpose. The next four levels concentrate on advanced reading, conversation and writing. One must pass a written test to attend the next level.

Unlike other Spanish schools, this school also provides the facility of individual instruction for a student if they so desire. Classes are held in two batches, morning and afternoon, and a person may join any of them. At times people need to learn Spanish for their speci fic profession. For instance, a doctor who wants to practise in a Spanish speaking country must know more about medical terms. This Spanish language school provides special courses for their students with specific interests. Private courses are offered in law, business, social services, and other fields.
A single course consists of 20 hours of class time, which provides one with enough lessons and at the same time leaves enough time for practice. Since, you will be in a Spanish speaking country you can practise your language skills with the local people. Communicating with the local people in cafes, shops and restaurants can help you improve your spoken Spanish as well as your Spanish listening and understanding skills. Studying at this Spanish language school will result in a wholesome learning of the language.

Spanish is spoken with different accents in different places if you choose the Argentina-Chile combination special Spanish learning programme, you can study in Buenos Aires as well as Santiago. You can experience different cultures and accents through the change of place but your studies shall not be affected. You can also choose to study in Chile, Peru and Argentina together if you enjoy travelling and want to experience a wide variety of cultures a long with studying Spanish.

Latin Immersion has many activities planned for their students, which result in a rich Latin American experience. It would be unfortunate for a person to travel all the way to Latin America and not experience their culture. There are varieties of experiences one can enjoy while studying in South America like white-water rafting, salsa, festivals and many more such events. It would be a pity if a student studying in Buenos Aires left without watching their amazing theatres. Most Spanish schools do not plan outings and social events for their students but Latin Immersion does.

Latin Immersion makes your visit to South America worthwhile by taking responsibility of coordinating various activities and social events. They organise a great variety of outings like football matches in Argentina, Pablo Neruda's house in Chile, Tango shows in Buenos Aires, Vineyard tours in Santiago, Salsa practice and regional cooking lessons. Weeke nd excursions to villages and coasts help the students in understanding and gaining knowledge on South American lifestyle. It is also very easy to improve fluency in Spanish while travelling. Travelling is a better way to improve fluency as compared to classroom lessons in Spanish language schools.

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