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Saturday, July 7, 2012

San Felipe, Baja, Ca, Mexico; Quiet Little Baja Town Safe for Americans, Come Play and Live

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Hi, my name is Patty Bell, I have lived in San Felipe for 3 years. My husband and I love it! I have many American, Canadian, and Mexican friends here in the San felipe area. I belong to two local clubs, The Rotary Club and Las Amigas. My husband and I have been in the construction business in California for 30+ years. We came here to get away from the Rat Race. We have a small construction business. I have many contacts in town. Ask me, I can get you an answer!

Here is info on one of my favorite past-times here in San Felipe. It lasts only 3 days, but that is plenty of time for this "sleepy little town".

The Baja 250 is the peninsula's version of the Calgary Stampede, except the course is narrow, 240.34 miles long and the bulls have 200 decible bellows and $3000 suspension. The Baja 250 is in full swing this weekend. The Pre-Runs have drawn a number of early arrivals and the desert is pluming dust to the west. Freight trucks, tractor trailers and 5th wheel trailers have been lumbering into town all night, glazed by the sand of the evening's windstorm. Parking in town has become an Easter Egg Hunt. The trophy trucks will own the town for the next few days.

Many people are unclear regarding property rightsin Mexico for Americans. NAFTA is a controversial subject, but it lead to better property rights for Americans.With the North American Free Trade Agreement beginning January 1, 1994, the Foreign Investment Act of 1993 was passed by the Mexican congress to promote foreign investment into Mexico. This law allowed foreigners to own 100% of the shares of a corporation and purchase property. As a foreigner, you can acquire irrevocable and absolute ownership rights to property in Mexico through a 50 year perpetually irrevocable and transferable Fideicomiso Trust. This enabled foreigners, as beneficiaries of the trusts, to legally enjoy unrestricted use of land located in the restricted area.The restricted area encompasses 100 kilometers along the border and 50 kilometers along the coast. Foreigners are allowed to purchase property in an "indirect way". The most common is through a Fideicomiso.


Patty Bell

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