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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yucca Valley Business Lawyer?s Top Ten Changes Sarah Palin Would Make in the White House

Here is Yucca Valley BusinessLawyer Sebastian Gibson's Top Ten:

1. Put a Neiman Marcus store in place of the bowling alley.

2. Hire a different plumber.

3. Move the white house to Anchorage.

4. Put up moose heads.

5. Equip the secret service with moose hunting guns.

6. Refuse to pardon any more turkeys on the white house lawn.

7. Build more bedrooms for all the kids.

8. Give each of the staff $150,000 to buy new uniforms.

9. Put up a map that shows where NAFTA is.

10. Make the First Dude in charge of keeping the press away.

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1. Environmental and Toxic Tort Law in Yucca Valley - With multi-billion dollar energy companies spending more money to confuse the public on the threat posed by global warming than on research into alternative forms of energy, it will take all of us to sort fact from fictio n and solve the growing problem of global warming. An additional danger to all of us comes from exposure to toxic materials in our daily lives from tainted food, to contaminated ground water, to dangerous viruses in the public and in hospitals to lead and mercury poisoning. If you experience unusual symptoms that a doctor can't explain, you may have been exposed to a toxic substance and have a toxic tort claim that should be evaluated by us or another qualified Yucca Valley environmental attorney.

2. Yucca Valley International, Shipping and Maritime Law - A Yucca Valley international attorney with years of international legal education and experience such as you'll find at our Yucca Valley law firm, can provide you with a wealth of practical knowledge and the ability to find answers to your international law questions. It is to your advantage to also have a Yucca Valley international lawyer working in cooperation with foreign counsel in other jurisdictions to ensure t hat the most cost-effective avenues are pursued to resolve your legal matter. However, many international matters can be resolved with letters between Yucca Valley international lawyers and foreign lawyers, and international mediations and arbitrations can also be utilized. If you have been injured on a ship or an oil rig you have rights under the Jones Act to be compensated for your injuries, medical treatment, past and future wage loss and care.

3. Yucca Valley Election and Campaign Finance Law - If you are considering running for political office or have already done so and are facing campaign finance legal issues, the time to hire a Yucca Valley election attorney with election law knowledge is at the first possible opportunity before you get into hot water that can sink your campaign or put your political career into jeopardy.

4. Yucca Valley Consumer Law and Class Actions - If you have paid for an item but have not received it, been promised an action or s ervice that has not come to fruition or are considering ordering services or signing any type of agreement, the time to hire a Yucca Valley consumer lawyer is immediately in order to avoid being scammed, or defrauded. A Yucca Valley consumer attorney's letter drafted forcefully but professionally will obtain the desired result, products or services in a good percentage of cases. Whether you ordered gold bars but did not receive them, were told that your car would be paid off when you traded it in on a new one or were promised that a pool would be completed in your back yard, a Yucca Valley consumer attorney can and should be hired for a modest fee to write a letter on your behalf and demand the required action, products or services. If you think you are just one of many who have been scammed or defrauded in some way, you may have a class action.

5. Constitutional, Publishing and Publicity and Privacy Rights, Internet Law, Advertising and Media Law in Yucca Valley - De famation includes both libel and slander. Anyone in the media or publishing or broadcast world or with a web site is at risk of a lawsuit for claims of defamation or false advertising However, constitutional law questions also arise in civil rights discrimination cases, discrimination in employment and a wide variety of other legal matters. If you have been disenfranchised or your constitutional rights abused in any matter or if you have been accused of abusing the rights of others, contact a Yucca Valley constitutional lawyer as soon as it occurs. If others seek to profit with the use of your name or image you also have a claim for damages.

6. Employment Law in Yucca Valley - It may seem silly to think you should hire a Yucca Valley employment attorney whenever you are considering firing an employee, but it has come to that. However, a consultation with a good Yucca Valley employment law firm can provide you with the advice of how to handle your employee relations both immediately and in the future as you either seek to cut costs or get rid of a problematic employee. If you have been sued or threatened with a suit, or are being scammed by an employee, consult a Yucca Valley employment lawyer immediately.

7. Yucca Valley Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts - The current estate tax in 2008 affects only people who die with an estate in excess of two million dollars. In 2009, that amount will increase to three and a half million dollars and in 2010, the estate tax is repealed. That's the good news. If, however, the estate tax repeal is not extended by 2011, the estate tax will kick in again. The worse news i s that in 2011, if the estate tax repeal is not extended, the estate tax will kick in at one million dollars. The current federal estate tax rate is a whopping 47 percent. That stays the same in 2009. But other current provisions in the tax code change or end in 2010. In light of this, it is more important than ever to hire a Yucca Valley estate planning lawyer to draft your will and evaluate the need for a living trust to avoid probate fees ensure your estate goes to the beneficiaries you want it to go to. If you don't have a will or trust at death, the state will determine who gets your estate, but it will usually be your spouse and children, of if you have none, your closest relatives.

8. Water, Agricultural and Natural Resource Law in Yucca Valley - It is hoped by American farmers and meat producers that the new Country of Origin Labeling Law taking effect in groceries will cause food shoppers to seek meat and produce from the U.S. over food items from other count ries. But it is the water shortage in California that has California farmers faced with dire consequences. In 2008, the California Governor formed a Water Bank to stave off mandatory water rationing, but if California has another dry winter, or more fires that draw upon California's precious water reserves, or if the state legislature does not address the state's delta environmental problems and expand the state's water works, with a bill that has been tied up while the legislators haggled over a budget, rationing across the state could become a reality. If you have a water or agricultural issue, the time to call a Yucca Valley agricultural lawyer with knowledge in this areas is before the issue becomes critical.

9. Insurance Law, Bad Faith, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Defense in Yucca Valley - As insurance companies feel the pain of the stock market crash and face the reality of the value of their own investments decreasing, we expect to see insura nce companies delaying settlements, and flirting with violations of the insurance bad faith statutes. As the public becomes more and more depressed with the sinking stock market, loss of jobs, reduced income and less enjoyment out of life, we also see the likelihood of greater use of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists. When claims are made against these professionals without justification, our Yucca Valley law firm stands ready to defend them

10. Yucca Valley Education Law and Child Accidents - A recent court ruling in California has given temporary relief to parents homeschooling their children. However, we still expect further court rulings to make guidelines that will govern when or under what circumstances homeschooling of children will be permitted in California. Children, as any parent knows, can be injured any time, anywhere. What should not happen is any injury to a child that is the result of the negligence of another. To that end, our Yucca Va lley personal injury lawyers championed protection for children and convinced at least one court and encouraged other personal injury attorneys to do the same, to uphold a new tort for negligent endangerment of a child.

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