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Monday, July 2, 2012

PEI - Live, Work & Play on our Island

Prince Edward Island or PEI is located off the east coast of Canada in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. PEI is one of four provinces collectively referred to as the Maritimes and is the smallest province in Canada. It is connected to the mainland by the fixed link, Confederation Bridge, a toll bridge spanning the 13kms of the Northumberland Straits and a ferry service. However small, PEI represents a great lifestyle and a place of picturesque beauty. It represents a safe, natural place to raise your family, boasting clean air and water as well as a lower than average crime rate. Anything but boring, PEI is home to 26 world class golf courses, warm, sandy beaches, hiking and Nordic skiing. In 2008 Conde Nast magazine named PEI #5 island in its survey.

Life in PEI offers an opportunity to make a living, raise a family and have time to enjoy life. The island life is laid back and the people are friendly. PEI real estate is a great bargain when compared to other provinces and this means that even if you could not afford your own home in another province, you may very well be able to here.

You will find that you will be located much closer to work and other amenities when you live on PEI and your commute will likely drop to a few minutes. Traffic is generally very light on the island and traffic jams are unheard of. As a part of Canada, all islanders enjoy universal health care. Speaking to those from other countries, Canadians do not pay for most health care services including doctor visitors, hospital stays and hospital outpatient services, operations, x-rays and diagnostic test and more. All this valuable medical services are available at little or no monthly premium through the government. In PEI I have paid noth ing toward medical services.

Crime is very low on PEI and while there is a drug problem as there is basically everywhere it seems to be under better control here. Policing is provided by the city forces in Charlottetown and Summerside as well as several of the smaller towns such as Kensington and Borden. The rest of the island is policed by the RCMP, the federal police force.

Living in PEI real estate you feel that you are more than just a small cog in a big wheel, you feel that you can be heard and can make a difference. Volunteerism is alive and well on the island. Islanders take great pride in helping out where they can and they rate as one of the most generous populations in Canada.

Looking at the size and population of our island you would perhaps not think of PEI as being blessed with work and business opportunities. We have a budding aerospace industry at Slemon Park, one of Summerside's industrial parks, a legacy from the days when Summerside played host to the nations military. Atlantic Turbines, Testoris, and Honeywell call Slemon Park their home. Additionally you will find a burgeoning bio-science industry and world class educational facilities such as University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College.

PEI is situated well to continue to develop. As part of Canada, PEI can take advantage of NAFTA, is close by air t o Toronto, Montréal, Boston, New York and other major US cities, and has a time zone conveniently situated between the west coast and Europe. Islanders are generally well-educated and have a good work ethic

After work you are living on an island with a history. Canada was born right on PEI. There are museums, art galleries, festivals, beaches and swimming, world class golf, hiking trails, restaurants, shopping, well everything you can ask for.

PEI offers a balance between the hectic life of the modern cities and the cool tranquil beauty and serenity of the country.

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