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Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback - Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and the Y2K McGuffin - Just a Theory

overall economy expanded for 120 consecutive months into the 12 months 2001, particularly in the last 3 years of the Clinton Administration. How did this take place? VP Al Gore was occupied re-inventing authorities, there was no war to wage, no military buildup necessary, no big public works tasks. How do you get dollars infused into the economy, although having to pay down the deficit. To begin with believe NAFTA, which permitted for foreign income, new cash, not recycled American money or borrowed income. Cash invested on American goods and companies, but that was only piece of the equation. What was necessary was a crisis of not only nationwide but global proportions. The US government couldn't do it on your own. It needed a spouse.

Here's the McGuffin. Keep in mind Y2K? The Yr 2000 when every single personal computer in the world's internal clocks would not cycle to 2000, but recycle to 1900 at the flip of the century and be rendered ineffective and obsolete. In reality that was expanded to something with a personal computer. Cars, household appliances, industrial strength plants...Anything. The functions. What took location right after that announcement, (repeated ads on the news, in the newspapers, magazines, tech bulletins, essentially just about everywhere,) was an investment by nearly each and every company, every person, and every last government worldwide in NEW personal computers and NEW software for them, at the very least utilizing a patch of some sort.

Microsoft, headed by Bill Gates, who manufactures the software delivered with nearly just about every Personal computer sold at retail, and has become the Planet Regular for software, just occurred to be a single of the main beneficiaries of this crisis, along with retail shops, IT professionals, and Dot Com investors. By the stop of the Clinton Administration, most corporations ended up undertaking pretty properly, as was Wall Road, and Primary Street. Unprecedente d investment into the International, and the US economic system by not only government which replaced all their IT infrastructure, but personal enterprise and people today. This served not only to present for a robust overall economy, but furnished the impetus by means of funds to pc, pc part, World-wide-web, and program organizations to invest in investigation and enhancement of new and far more effective ways of performing elements through personal computer. Most of us would be challenging pressed to dwell devoid of a pc, Blackberry, or The Internet. Today's 21st Century economic system is very little but a outcome of greed on the part of numerous unchecked industries, blatant disregard for Principal Road, and both an uncaring or unknowing Presidential Administration. Had the United States not ratified the 22nd amendment, it is probable Bill Clinton could have been elected to a 3rd phrase.

I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but just as it is complicated to believe that that we are here on this earth by some cosmic happenstance, it is complicated to believe that that the longest economic growth in heritage was an accident, or that laptop or computer and application geniuses did not know this was going to "happen" until, gee, three years prior to the year 2000. It just looks that somebody orchestrated it. What transpired Jan 1 2000? Absolutely nothing. I turned on my Commodore 64, which I had not touched in five a long time.

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