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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Current Global Economy

Globalization is a necessity in today's economy. However, many different economic factors have brought down the global economic trend. Many different global economic factors affect government policies and trade policies. For example, technology, labor migration, trade, and environmental degradation are all things that affect the global economy.

How Global Trade Affects the Economy

It is common knowledge that trading with other countries benefits all parties involved. For those who do not know, different trade pacts that are created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have facilitated global trade for quite some time now. In addition, organizations that include the World Trade Organization have facilitated the global trade of services and goods. In addition, a lot of the world's nations that are industrialized have gotten rid of different tariffs. Getting rid of different tariffs and all of the other trade barriers has increased other nations' access to goods that are available from industrialized nations. However, a lot of the remaining barriers have more to do with agriculture.

Labor and Capital Migration

The increased use of worldwide trade has made more products available to consumers all over the world. In addition, the different factors of production are more available. Recently transportation costs have declined. Since transportation costs have declined, a lot of different workers from other countries have decided to migrate to a different area. Many different workers decide to migrate to another area because there are more working opportunities available. In addition, many people migrate because better education is available in a different area. Some men and women who decide to migrate to a different area may just want more opportunities for his or her children. For example, men and women from South America or Mexico may decide to migrate to the United States. In addition, men and women from Eastern Europe or Africa may decide to migrate to Western Europe. There is no doubt that migration has allowed different business owners to find workers who will work at an afford able price. In addition, migration has caused many countries to grow and expand.

Environmental Degradation

Even though things like trade and migration have had a huge impact on the global economy, there are some things that may hurt the global economy. For example, environmental degradation has caused detrimental damage. The increased economic activity may have made an environmental impact that is not for the better. For example, it has challenged the global economy. This may be due to pollution. Pollution is a direct result of the growth and production that the economy is currently experiencing. This causes environmental problems that do not really respect national borders. Due to this, business leaders and governments need to learn how to cooperate with each other in order to address the climate change.

Things to Consider

Many different people should consider the fact that better economic integration can increase trade. In addition, it increases migration opportunities and technology advances. However, some say that an economic crisis in one country could cause a crisis all over the world. An example would be the 2008 crisis of the United States.

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