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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hold Your Reader's Attention - Effective Article Writing

It is possible to write the most useful article ever written on your given subject, but if it is formatted wrong readers will lose interest rapidly. Today's reader, especially today's internet reader needs information and they want it Instantly! Here's how you can maintain interest in a short attention span world.

1) Use brief paragraphs. An extended paragraph is intimidating to today's reader. He doesn't want to wade through long paragraphs of jumbled words that appear like a school English assignment. Make your paragraphs short and snappy and make certain there is white space between them.

2) Make use of numbers or bullets. These organize the information and permit the reader to take it in small bites. He'll know where every new thought starts and how far it is to the finish.
3) Use an interest grabbing title. Think of the magazines on display in the supermarket and the titles of their articles like "Seven Techniques to make Him Want You" or "What They Do not Want You to Realize About Cable TV" or "Dirty Secrets Buried in NAFTA." Can you see how these headlines grab attention and encourage reading?

4) Use figures and numbers whenever you can.. Eighty-seven per cent of readers will give an article more credence when figures are applied to illustrate points. There are nearly 300 million people within the United States and roughly 250 million of them get information from computers. You would like as many of those people as feasible to read your articles.

5) Keep attention with metaphors and stories. I realize now the very first article I ever had published in the world-wide-web was pretty dreadful. It was rambling and didn't maintain the reader's interest. Since putting these guidelines into action, more folks read my arti cles or blog posts and more folks read them straight through to the end. Isn't that what you need to get your info across to other people?

Practice employing these five ideas and your articles will maintain the reader's interest. As an internet writer, you have to supply content that's interesting as well as informative.

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