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Friday, June 29, 2012

Bounce House Business ? Not So Friendly Competition

Bounce House Business � Not so Friendly Competition

You would think that a business that delivers so much fun and good cheer every weekend would be filled with vendors that are of good nature and welcoming, but think again. The Bounce House Business is one of the most competitivemarkets by far, and some of the rentalowners could be down right ugly. I am not speaking form observation but from first hand experiencebased on many oftactic�s usedin my local market. The funny part of it all is thatI was one of the first rental operations in my area, therefore most of my harsh treatment came from guys that were all considered new comers.

The purpose of this article is to inform new rental operator of a few of the tactics that they will face from competitor�s within their local markets. If you are new to the party rental business are simplyplanning to open your own rentaloperation, then you need tounderstand that the moment your competitor spots your ad they will com e after you in one form or another. Many competitorswill simply shop you by calling your sales line pretending to be customers in order to check your prices and available equipment. Others will take it a step further and slander you to customers that call them searching for the best deal. All of these tactics are common and senseless, but it happens every week in every market across the country. There will always be some Bozowho is angry because you decided to take your own money, and invest in your own party rental business. Part of the reason for the unwarranted animosity is thatfor so long many of us in the party rental business have existed with out any real competition, or threats to our revenue.

The field hasonly recentlybegun to get crowed in some areas, but with the largeamount of children in any given zip code it�s puzzling why some people resort to infighting. But it never seems to fail the moment you begin to really promote your business, the Bozo�s of the world target you as the enemy. I also discovered recently that it�snot only the local rental markets that are nowengaging incannibalism, if you are on the manufacturing side of the business the competition could be even more vicious. I recently posted a few Craigslist ads in order to promote our new product line only to discover that one of my competitors� was logging on to Craigslist and Flagging every ad we posted. My web guy help me track down the culprit and we were able to make our future post invisible to him, but it was still an unnecessary headache to deal with. This same vendor even posted a page on his website attacking me foroutsourcing my manufacturing to over sea�s companies.

Long before NAFTA, companies have outsourced their manufacturing in order to remain competitive in their markets. This is the reason over half of the products in your home right now are made in China. So as you set out on this journey just know that everyone you meet along the way is not a friend, and half of them are actually pretty upset to see you on the same road. My advise to you is simple, be the best you, you can be; and the rest will work itself out. Do not get into verbal fights with jealous competitors�, it will only result in negative energy which will interfere with your creativity. Instead of going on the attack, make sure you are a tough act to follow. What I mean by this is once you get the reservation make sure that you do everything to separate yourself from the competition. If you ever come under attack from one of your competitors,I then in turnwant you to embrace the following strategies.

Continue to re-invent your self, but stick with your signature services. K eep your competitor guessing what your next moveis going tobe. Spend your mental energy on creating rather than contemplating. The more your attacked, the more you saturate your brand.

The party rental business is truly the best business in the world and this is the reason some vendors are so territorial.Please do not take the bait,I want you to remainfocusedon your business at all times. While your competitor is up at night planning their next attack or smear, I want you to focus on your next cotton candy promotion. Once I came under attack I never responded in the way my competitor wanted me to, I simply focused on the release ofmy new product line which landed us two new Franchise Partners. Stay positive, stay productive, and stick to your promotions. If you would like more information on the surviving the party rental business then I invite you to visit our website & free training blog at Tyronne Jacques � Bouncer Boss

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