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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mexico Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta Top Choice for Canadians

Why is Mexico real estate in places like Puerto Vallarta ideal for Canadians? Low prices, excellent services, high quality of life, many investment opportunities and a rich culture and history are just a few reasons.

Mexico has recently started a campaign to promote travel to Mexico heavily in Canada. Why? Because the strong and very well-recovering Canadian economy, and the high value of the Canadian dollar means that Canadian visitors will be a driving force behind this country's tourism-based economy.

The flip side; these same factors mean that Canadians can enjoy a very high quality of life in Mexico. The Canadian dollar has been hovering just a few cents under par with the U.S. dollar, meaning that Canadian funds go a lot further in Mexico than they did a decade ago. And this is considering that prices were already cheap for Canadians even when the dollar was low.

But over the past couple of decades, the strength of the Canadian dollar is not the only thing that has changed. Mexico, like Canada, has seen considerable economic benefits from NAFTA. In Puerto Vallarta, for example, world-class services such as modern health care and convenient international airports with well-priced direct flights to many destinations have appeared, as well as international stores that carry many of the same products, or very similar ones to what Canadians are used to from back home. The part that has stayed the same over the past few decades is that the prices are much still much better.

Whether choosing to live in Mexico only for vacations, or as a permanent new home, markets like Puerto Vallarta real estate offer many investment opportunities, ideal both for rental income (which can easily be combined with your own vacations) or profit from resale of properties that have shown good appreciation. Mexico MLS listings in many other parts of the country provide a variety of properties � homes, condos and land � suitable for just about any budget range.

While making an ideal side income, some Canadians have already established themselves well enough in Mexico real estate investment that they are ready to retire on the beach, living on the rental income!

Of course, behind all of this lies the appeal of living in place with wide beaches, warm weather, and a cultural history that reaches back hundreds of years, and can be seen visually, as well as experienced as a part of day to day life in Puerto Vallarta. As a Canadian, consider using your economic advantage for a better life, on the beach � you won't regret it!

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