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Monday, June 18, 2012

Work Permits that Offer an Easy Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada has now been made easy and ethical through two defined ways of acquiring work permit. If you wish to become a permanent resident in Canada or start work right away, work permit is essential. To reduce problems and uncertainties that rise because of work permits, Canada government has defined work permit and who can acquire the work permit.

Working Canada
Immigration to Canada can be through different ways - as a skilled worker, family member, or humanitarian issues. Work permit is defined as an activity where one gets paid for the services or associated with activities of the labor market. Canada government does not consider activities work, where money or commission is not earned or activity not done in Canada - such as, voluntary work, or work done through the Internet.

Once work is defined, work permit can be secured under the correct category. An ethical and proper work permit would help in getting permanent residency in C anada. Here are the two basic work permits which can allow immigrants to get a secured place in Canada.

LMO-based Work Permit
Work permits are often issued by the Labor Market Opinion (LMO) of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). The work permit is obtained when a Canada based firm offers an application for a candidate - an immigrant. The HRSDC would check the credentials of the immigrant and how it would have an impact on the economy and labor market. Factors that help in the evaluation process include salaries of the individual, job prospects, and so on.
The evaluation results need to be either neutral or positive to acquire the work permit from LMO method.

Work Permit sans LMO
Work permits that are provided without the need of LMO sanction and verification are also available for immigrants who wish to work in Canada. There are two main categories defined in this section that can help to increase better chances for Immigration to Canada.

One option is the International Agreements that are done between Canada and the other countries - such as, North America Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA). People who are involved in business, skilled work, intra-company transfer related issues, investing, and trading, from the US and Mexico, come under this category. Work permit under this category that does not require LMO certification can be acquired at the Port of Entry.

The second category where work permit is provided without LMO permission is the issue which governs the Canadian Interests. In this section, there are three major categories. The "significant benefit" category where a foreign worker coming across to work in one of its company's branch that is located in Canada.

"Reciprocal Employment" where visas are issued through Youth Exchange Programs and "Designated by the Minister" category where Open Work Permits are offered to specific persons seeking employment. These work permits are also visas given to spouses and family members of the students or temporary workers.

In all cases, work permits offered through these options can help an immigrant get permanent residency legally and methodically. The factors and options to help in getting permanent settlement in Canada increases many times through these work permits.

So, if you are looking for secured and hassle-free Immigration to Canada, choose these options on work permits to help you get to your desired goal.

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