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Friday, June 29, 2012

American Financial Budget Crisis-Find Out The Real Secret To Building The Economy

Basically the American economy is the way it is simply because we have lost so many jobs due to companies going over seas for cheap labor and more profits. That is it no other reason, it does not matter what you hear on tv of from our weak, incompetent, cowardly politicians. They are not telling you the real reason because those companies pay for their campaigns, so they are paid to keep their mouths shut, cowards. The decline of the American economy has been happening for decades, it did not happen overnight.It all started with Reagan shaking hands with the Chinese Government. I have nothing against the Chinese people just the Communist Government. Every President after that just kept the decline going. When Clinton had NAFTA signed that made things even worse, and now here we are with a weak America. When you go out shopping next time see how many clothing items are actually made here in the U.S., or anything else. You won't find much and that is the problem.There is sti ll some industry here in he US. but not enough to build the American economy. Actually some of the industry here is foreign companies building their product here, that is not the answer. Think of all the jobs that have been lost here due to companies going over seas over the past few decades. That is trillions of dollars in tax revenue lost, and that is the real reason the American economy is so weak now. It does not help when you give companies tax incentives to do business elsewhere, thanks a lot Bush. Lost jobs over decades is why we are here now in this economy, the global economy has made America weak. So what is the answer, well let's see.

My idea to build the American economy is somewhat maverick and outside the so called box and at the at the same time really simple. Renergize industry back in the country. This country was built on the industrial revolution and the only way to get it back on track is to do it again. Of course not with the massive abuse of labor laws but we need to bring back industry to America. All those companies that went over seas for cheap labor let them stay there and start new companies right here. We need to employ Americans not the rest of the world. Keep the money and profits here and help get families financially back on track.We need to take care of ourselves first before we can help others. Building industry here in America is truly the only way to get this country financially fit again. Of course our cowardly Government has been paid to keep their mouths shut by those companies that have gone overseas and Wall Street. Our Government needs to pay China back the money we owe them, cut them off and stop importing their low grade, low quality products here and make our own. Lately their low grade products have made the news. Of course with the global economy products are made everywhere except here in the U.S.In summary stop importing products and make them here. I don't mind paying a little more kn owing that the money is staying here and employing Americans and not going somewhere else. Some of the products made elsewhere are not that cheap anyways, like men's and women's shoes. Now is the perfect time for venture capitalist and starting new companies right here. The President wants to create jobs, let's create new companies first and I mean big companies to employ lots of people. This is the only way to build the American economy back up again; there is no other way. Tax breaks, tax hikes and stimulus packages will not work that is not the answer.

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