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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Did Commerce Have Any Role To Play In Sustaining The Mexican Economy?

It all began when Spain decided to see the rest of the world in the year 1519. The King ordered his royal navy to negotiate the wide and treacherous sea for glory, God, and gold. We know they made the correct choice, they succeeded. Landed in Mexico, they considered it the other world not knowing yet how big the role will be of this "other-world-land" that they have conquered. Mexico was well on its way to the international economy.

If you just thoroughly check the world map, Mexico looks to be the center. Yes, literally the center of the world. It serves as a gateway in connecting the North and South America, and in connecting Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Mexico is a humid country; the majority of the country is dry with irregular rain showers. With its natural produce such as rare spice, vegetables and other crops like corn and soy, it waived for the settlers notice. Europeans' original intent was to gather spices and nothing more, but when they have l earned the great role Mexico would play, they have decided to go further. They grabbed the entire nation.
Imperialism turned business, the conquerors decided to go Asian. They conquered the Philippines too and traded with other Asian countries and all brought to Mexico for further trade. Basically, Mexico grew to become the warehouse of the world that gave them the idea to reproduce what they have seen from the world. It was their first hand experience with the international economy. The trade industry grew because of Europe's hunger for much more. Mexico was one of those many nations who labored to satisfy Europe's cravings.

The beginning of their race to economic rally started after their independence from Spain and the latter political confusion. European immigration started and the foreign investments began coming in. There have been great changes from the politics to the social status of it's individuals. 1970 was the year called Mexican Miracle due to its growth as a country in general especially on economic status.

Today, Mexico already soared t o great heights with its increased investments. It has proved well with it's extended public infrastructure such as added highways, railroads, airports, even on telecommunications, distribution of natural gas, and electricity distribution. Mexico's weapon to the great international economy is their numerous investments and the Free Trade Agreements with other progressive countries like all of European Unions, Canada, USA, the rest of Central America, South American countries, Israel, Japan and 40 other countries. It is a member of international organizations like WTO (World Trade Organization), APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and needless to say, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

Mexico is still growing to date, it would move to the top of the international economy and investment. Now its ranked the thirteenth based on nominal number. Really, Mexico has something to say to the inter national economy. A great leap only some can manage.

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