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Monday, June 11, 2012

Paralegal and Administrative Services ? How an LPO Firm Can Help

Back office operations such as legal secretarial and administrative tasks are being increasingly outsourced to offshore destinations largely on account of the time and cost saving factors along with the excellent quality ensured. Here is a quick overview of the important tasks that client companies can outsource and benefit from end-to-end solutions.

Medico-Legal Services

Legal process outsourcing companies have professionals well-versed and trained in medical malpractice laws and litigation to provide a variety of medico-legal services.

Medical records review Medical records screening Medical case screening Medical research Medical language and abbreviations clarification Medical records summary Identifying appropriate standards of care with regard to a particular case Identifying the strengths and weaknesses latent in a case Synopsis and summary preparation Comprehensive drafting Case strategy development

Medical Summarization

Services in this field provide support in medical malpractice, personal injury and workmen's compensation cases. The team is well-versed in US healthcare documentation and National Healthcare Guidelines. They ensure that all material has been procured as evidence for the lawsuit. The firms are HIPAA compliant and maintain full confidentiality of all vital patient data.

Review of pre-existing medical conditions Review of past injuries Summary of earlier consultations, doctors and hospitals visited Summary of medical treatment undergone Summary of important and relevant test results Compilation of lab results in the order of their significance Outline of future treatment/related impairment Recommendations for further consultations for expert opinion

Retrieval of Medical Records (Calling)

Legal process outsourcing firms have excellent retrieval system and a professional team to help medical malpractice, personal injury law firms as well as insurance companies to gain easy access to vital medical records. This means that your in-house staff can concentrate on more core activities while the LPO firm efficiently manages your medical record database.

Bankruptcy Filing

There are professionals to prepare bankruptcy filings, pleadings and documentation. They utilize software such as Best Case and others.

Support in preparing court documents, general correspondence, discovery and pleadings Preparation and filing response to motion and claims and supplemental fee application Docket sheets monitoring Electronic court filing (ECF) of pleadings Reviewing the client's financial details thoroughly Drafting the petitions required to file bankruptcy Presenting the case to creditors Negotiating with creditors

Immigration and Labor Law Related Services

Visa Processing (Including H-1B, B,F ,L, E and others) Permanent Residency Processing Requirements Disability/Occupational Health and Safety Reporting OSHA and ADA Compliance U.S. Visas B1 Business Visa B-2 Tourist Visa E-1/E-2 Visa F-1 Student Visa L-1A L-1B Intra company Visas J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa H1-B Work Visa/H-2B Visa K-1 Fiance(e)/Fiance Visa TN NAFTA Work Visa Tourist Visa Extension U.S. Citizenship US Citizenship Application Citizenship test and Interview New Naturalization test Certificate of Citizenship Certificate of naturalization Replace Citizenship/Naturalization Certificate US passport US Passport renewal Green Cards Green card Renewal Replace Lost or Stolen green card Replace Expired Green card Family Based Green card Green card through marriage Green card lottery Green card for Relative Green card application Green card through Employer

Legal Transcription

LPO firms take care of all the legal transcription requirements of clients providing accurate, timely and reliable transcription services. They have the latest technology and skilled transcribers to offer services efficiently. Clients have the convenience of providing dictations via digital dictation machine or a toll free number. Voice tapes, conversations and dictations are all obtained from clients through secured FTP. After transcription, the files are uploaded to the clients via secured FTP in the required formats. Transcription is provided for:

Depositions Court proceedings Trial proceedings Wiretap Interviews Client letters General correspondence Law office recordings Legal pleadings Briefs and more

Legal Coding / Litigation Coding

Important information, including hidden or meta data is extracted from legal documents for use during litigation. Legal coders create summaries or keyword data from these documents. Coders and reviewers in LPO companies can provide:

Bibliographic (Objective) coding Subjective Coding In-text coding Judgment Coding Physical Document Determination and Bates numbering Coding of questionnaires or forms Unitization (Logical Document Determination)

The legal documents are indexed on the basis of the coding, which enables digital searching of the database. Legal coding facilitates information retrieval, ensuring excellent case management.

Document Scanning and Case Management

These are immensely beneficial to law firms and other legal entities in that all vital documents are scanned, digitized and electronically stored for easy retrieval via keyword search. LPO firms can handle any volume data; all typewritten/typeset documents can be digitized efficiently. They also take care to maintain maximum accuracy.

Document imaging Document abstraction Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Document conversion (PDF/TIFF/JPEG)


Cost savings up to 40 % Documents can be uploaded to the FTP server or even be shipped Customized and faster turnaround time Clients can focus on important business activities

Data Entry services

All hard copies of hearings, depositions, arbitrations, meetings and more can be digitized and stored in a dedicated online database. This ensures easy information retrieval and control.


Proofreading services are available for legal proofreading, website proofreading and thesis proofreading. Expert proofreaders review text, check for punctuation, spelling and formatting errors highlight text and amend sentences and phrases. Simple editing jobs such as checking for language consistency and grammar are also carried out.

Correcting spelling errors Correcting grammatical errors Ensuring consistency in typefaces Ensuring correct and consecutive numbering of page numbers Correcting formatting errors Checking titles and subtitles against table of contents

Apart from proofreading and data entry, you can avail of services such as book keeping, word processing, case management, and desktop publishing.

Formatting Services

Services provided in this area work to make your documents more attractive and appealing. Professionals specialized in formatting provide customized styles for your documents depending on your specifications. Formatting services are available for presentations, proposals, contracts and agreements, among others.

Documents can be formatted with regard to spacing and alignment Change fonts, size and appearance Borders and shading Numbered/bulleted list creation

Litigation Application Development

LPO firms also offer litigation application development services wherein they can create the right technology platform for their clients depending on their specific requirements. This ensures increased productivity, reduced costs and excellent efficiency.

Database services (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL) Knowledge management portals (MS Sharepoint, IBM Websphere, Weblogic, Vineyard) Document management platforms (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET)

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