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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mexico Real Estate ? Convenient Life, Excellent Investment

Whether you're looking for a great investment, or you want to relocated to a warmer climate here's a great reason to buy Mexico Real Estate; Mexico is currently one of the top countries for investing in infrastructure, both for tourism and for logistics. For you as a real estate buyer, this means that you will continue to enjoy more activities and conveniences as part of your relaxing life on the beachfront. It also means that if you are buying property as an investment, this ongoing large-scale investment will protect the value of your property, increasing the potential of good return. Yucatan Real Estate

is one of several markets which is seeing the ongoing benefits of this investment.

One example of the heavy infrastructure focus is the highway projects underway in Mexico. A report in early 2010 indicated that Mexico was building 10 new highway projects in the bidding process during 2009 making it the most active highway-building nation in the world, above the U.S., which had 9, and Brazil with 6. The ever strengthening tie between the NAFTA nations (Mexico, U.S. and Canada) made it the number one region in the world for total highway projects. For thee 2007-2012 period a total of about $250 million was planned for major infrastructure (federal highways, oil, electricity, telecommunications and water) and by the end of 2009, $100 million had already been invested.

These numbers mean that Mexico's economy is continuing to strengthen at a healthy rate, recovering from the recession of recent years. For Americans and Canadians considering real estate purch ase, the strength of the economy means that all the benefits of living on a beautiful beach will be supported by excellent activities, and top-quality services, such as international stores and up-to-date health care.

One area within the Yucatan peninsula where the government of Mexico has paid special attention is Cancun. Cancun has recently received a multi-million dollar investment of new beaches, a second runway for its international airport to help convert the city into an international travel and business convention hub. To celebrate Mexico's bi-centennial, a new park is being built in the downtown, with a new city hall and cathedral; the park will include statues of the heroes of the war of Independence (as well as the Revolution, which took place 100 years later), walkways, benches, playgrounds and underground parking. Each of these items brings direct benefit to Cancun Real Estate buyers in terms of lifestyle and of convenience for travel to and from home.

Cancun is just one example of cities which have been receiving a large amount of investment, both within the Yucatan Peninsula, and in other parts of Mexico; the government of Mexico realizes the benefit of internation al tourism and real estate investment for the nation's economy and it continues to focus a large amount of funds on these areas.

So, if you're looking for a way to find a new home on the beachfront, in a place where costs are much lower than back in the U.S., but you still enjoy top-quality services and infrastructure, consider buying real estate in Mexico.

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