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Friday, June 22, 2012

How can we bring jobs back to the U.S.A. to help invigorate our housing market?

Buying a home, Townhouse, Condo, Coop in Great Neck or anywhere on Long Island, New York or really anywhere in the U.S. today, has its challenges if you do not have a good paying job or a solvent business. What began as a free trade agreementbetween the U.S. ,Canada and Mexico to be more competitive has potentially indirectlyharmed the ability of people within theour country to buy a residence. Therehave been benefits to N.A.F.T.A. increasing our exportsof goods and services to the other two countries as well as their goods to beimported as well, with the least amount of red tape. Yes, jobs were lost, but business increasedbenefiting those corporations that didinternational trade. There are twosides to the story, you may draw your own conclusions by reading,/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/north-american-free-trade-agreement-nafta

More important, many, many more manufacturing jobs have left over the last 6 years, since N.A.F.T.A. was enacted in 1994 and are still being lost, (to China and all those countries that pay pennies and dollarsa day for wages and salaries)althougha small amount ofjobs inthe manufacturing sectorhave been slowlycoming back to the U.S. due toincreasing costs and poorer qualityin China. However, the overall loss of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.has and is continuing to erode our middle class and thebase of white and blue collar jobs.Corporations were always created to exist for profit and for their shareholders, but more so today than at any other time in historydue toglobalcompetition. Years ago people and profitwere an integralreason for the existence of a company. Theywould have a job or position for life, also with the help of unions andwhen there was no competition from foreign imports! Unions as well as technolgy have forced companies with the help of our laws to exportan d eliminate skilledjobs overseas to keep the corporations competitive with foreign imports; except for fast food, and service sector type jobs, which employ unskilled, minimum wage labor (who will never be able to buy a home, condo, coop, townhouse or any type of property in Great Neck or any other area in the U.S.). We need tocreate real skilled jobs. The real solution isrebuilding our infrastructure ofbridges, tunnels and roads and also creating and buildinga high speed rail system, similar to what they are plannind and doing in China,Japan, Brazil, Indiaand Russia, that will createthe necessary jobs to employ manyof our laid off workers and give us a moreefficient method of transporting our goods and services in and around the U.S..

As Iraq winds down, the money from that warand other cost cutting means and methods,should beiplemented into those segments of our economy that will create long term jobs (not short term census positions or seasonal jobs), thereby raising our GDP andexpandtheeconomy.Also, what is most urgent and critically important areforeign countries'tariffs on our goodsthat are exported to them.Those countrieshave not been equitableand fair as we have been with their imports. We need to put those countries on notice, that we will enact the same tariffs on foreign importsfrom those countriesthat put tariffs on our exportedgoods andservices, unless they eliminate them or some reasonable agreement can be reached. Idealistically we could say, "Let's LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD AND BASE OUR COMPETIVENESS ON THE QUALITY OF OUR GLOBAL PRODUCTION. WHOEVER CAN MAKE THE BEST PRODUCTS SHOULD BENEFIT, NOT BECAUSE OF TARIFFS AND WAGES. THIS WOULD KEEP EVERYONE IN THE GAME WHO COULD PLAY BY THE SAME RULES, but reality of the world situationis "survival of the fittest" Obviously the U.S. cannot compete withforeign labor andthat is the main reasonwhy jobs and positionswere andare being exported overseasto enableourcompanies to stay profitable and compete in the world markets.We can not bring jobs back here unless steps are taken to lower our costs of production, transportation (high speed rail, better roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.)and the other countries raise their wages and salaries) (impossible today)to be equal to ours, (Maybe in the future,a world currency (probably not currently feasible with the B.R.I.C. nations) would also level the playing field.

Lastly, housing is directly related to the following: manufacturing, while collar or highly skilledjobs that willpay the wage or salary necessary to afford the puchase of aprimary residence and consumer consumption leading to a higher standard ofliving. If there are no jobs created and consumer spendinghas been reduced,howwill real estate heal? I have provided my opinion and thoughts on the logical fixes to our economy, but nothing is ever simple.One thing is true, though, I am not sure anyone in Washington is listening or cares to!Most areveryself absorbed andself-centered with their own agenda and self promotionfor getting re-elected inNovemberand not doing what they came to Washington to do, serve the people and attempt to plan and fix our current greatest problems, jobs and housing.It is our government that can play a huge roll in this.If not, we will continue to traveldown thatslippery road to third world status. But, I hope not! Every civilization has had its peaks a nd valleys; maybe we have reached our peak, maybe not. It is up to us to revitalize and reinvent America for a better tomorrow and a muchbrighter future.

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