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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Up Side of UPS Rate Quotes for Shipping

The Up Side of UPS Rate Quotes for Shipping

The United Parcel Service (UPS) has been around since 1907 � and so has the low UPS rate. UPS has become the world's largest and most recognized shipping company, with one of the most competitive UPS rate quotes around. UPS is strong, reliable and dependable. That's the reason more businesses trust all their shipping needs to UPS, as well as the great UPS rate quotes that go with the great UPS reputation.

UPS Rate for Less-than-truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping

If you decide to use LTL freight shipping and want UPS rate quotes, UPS rate quotes have you covered. Locally, regionally or across the country, UPS rate quotes for LTL shipping guarantees your UPS rate quotes will ensure shipments will arrive on time. With your UPS rate quotes for LTL shipping, you'll also get:

- Local, regional, national and long-haul capabilities

- Over 20,000 one- and two-day lanes available

- UPS rate quotes include maximum speed in delivery with minimal freight handling

- Money-back guarantee option on the UPS rate quotes

- UPS rate quotes calculated for NAFTA countries

- Attention to time-critical freight delivery requirements as a part of the UPS rate quotes

- Offshore UPS rate quotes for deliveries include Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

UPS Rate Quotes for Freight Truckload

UPS offers transactional truckload UPS rate quotes for large freight trucking services. If you have private fleet needs, UPS rate quotes include dedicated contract services to make sure your UPS rate quotes needs are taken care of. UPS rate quotes also provide for services through TOFC (Trailer-on-Flatcar) which provides economical domestic long-haul shipping.

UPS rate quotes also cover specialty solutions for your shipping needs. These are:

- UPS rate quotes for Consolidation and distribution

- UPS rate quotes for Freight trucking with temperature-controlled for sensitive freight

- UPS rate quotes for Trade show services

- Government services

Time-critical Freight and UPS Rate Quotes

Because UPS is a world-leading freight shipping provider, any company with time-sensitive freight shipping needs has access to any type of vehicle or aircraft known to man. UPS rate quotes for time-critical freight shipping also includes:

- UPS rate quotes for Northern America surface capabilities with door-to-door ground services throughout the US, Canada and Mexico

- UPS rate quotes for air freight services to major world-wide cities with airport-to-airport, door-to-door, point-to-point delivery, as well as UPS rate quotes for hold-for-pickup capabilities.

- UPS rate quotes for Hand-carry and on-board courier freight services, making sure your shipments are looked after from loading to take-off to landing and delivery.

- UPS rate quotes for air charter freight shipping with almost no weight or size limitations or restrictions.

Time-critical UPS rate quotes also include value-added services such as specialized equipment, freight handling and personal service to meet all international and domestic shipping needs. Hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other critical- and time-sensitive customers depend on UPS and the low UPS rate quotes.

UPS Rate Quotes Are Also Provided on Ocean Freight Shipping

Any size freight shipment, from full container loads, less-than-container loads and oversized cargo, UPS rate quotes provide the answer to any businesses ocean freight shipping needs worldwide.

These UPS rate quotes for ocean freight shipping also means they work as a freight forwarder. The UPS rate quotes include booking your shipment, managing required shipping documentation for import and export, arranging for pickup and delivery.

UPS Rate Quotes for Air Freight Services

With your UPS rate quotes for air freight shipping, you can choose UPS rate quotes for transit times which include next day, three day, and five day delivery options. With full regional coverage, your UPS rate can be based on guaranteed and non-guaranteed freight shipping services within and in between Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. UPS rate quotes also include use of the UPS advanced, online technology which allows you to personally calculate UPS rate quotes, create shipments, keep track of shipment movement and view full details of your inbound, outbound or third-party freight shipments.

Customs Brokerage with UPS Rate Quotes

Global business means navi gating through complex trade agreements, national and international security issues, international regulations compliance and overall knowledge of international commerce. UPS offers these services, all inclusive in a UPS rate.

Customs clearance is now a seamless process when shipping freight across borders. That's because UPS provides customs brokerage services, with a low UPS rate, with UPS rate quotes for over 60 countries around the world.

UPS Rate Quotes are Ever Changing, But UPS Rate Quotes are Always Negotiable

Every year, UPS rate quotes change, as does every other shipping services company. UPS rate quotes are reflected upon UPS customers' needs, demands and what makes the most sense for customers, worldwide.

UPS rate quotes have changed for package services as follows:

- UPS rate quotes for Air and International Services increase at a net 4.9% through combination 2% reduction in Air and International fuel surcharges and a 6.9% inc rease in the base rate.

- UPS rate quotes for ground freight services increased 4.9%

With any increase in UPS rate quotes, UPS also takes into consideration their customers' length of business, amount of business, needs and history. That's why UPS rate quotes are always negotiable. UPS works with the customer to maintain UPS rate quotes that best fit a company's UPS rate quotes budget and time line issues.

Whether it's full truck, LTL freight shipping, air freight, ocean freight or just around the corner, UPS rate quotes are given to the customer with one thing in mind moving their business forward.


If you need further information about UPS rate quotes for full truck, LTL freight shipping, air, ground or ocean, go to to learn more.

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