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Friday, June 22, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Mexico Real Estatef

Have you considered buying Mexico real estate? If you have, you've probably considered many of the following reasons; maybe some of them you haven't considered, but they would be very beneficial for you! The following are's top 10 reasons to buy Mexico real estate.

Low Cost � Real estate in Mexico can be found for any price range, starting at below $50,000 USD, and going up into the millions. In any case, the same property in a similar location, with similar potential in the U.S. or especially Canada would cost considerably more.

Low Cost of Living � Besides well priced real estate, property owners will enjoy savings in day to day expenses. Utility bills will be lower, groceries will cost less, large-ticket household items are noticeably cheaper, and top-quality health care is 50-70% less than in the U.S.

Many Activities Available � While living in Mexico, expats can enjoy sandy beaches, sailing on beautiful lakes, visiting ancient pyramids, interacting with nature, seeing natural wonders, and much, much more.

Warm Weather � Many people who move to Mexico do so because they are tired of shovelling snow and ice-cold weather. Mexico has a very moderate climate, which is very enjoyable to most.

Growing Tourism Economy � Besides the pleasures which exist here naturally, or as a result of Mexico's rich history and culture, growing international tourism has brought many modern activites and services, such as golf, large malls and movie theaters (often with movies in English.)

Large Economic Growth and Investment � Partly due to tourism, partly due to NAFTA, Mexico has grown tremendously in the world of international economy. This new found wealth is being re-invested into excellent highways, tourist infrastructure, and in general many items which make life more convenient.

Retirement � To take advantage of these features, many baby-boomers are making Mexico their choice retirement destination. Jus t as importantly, it's close to home

Investment - These features also point to excellent opportunities to invest in an emerging economy. Also, since the Mexico real estate industry is still less sophisticated, with less data available for large corporations to control the industry, there are more opportunities for small time investors to make it big.

Many Area Choices - Mexico is a large country, and offers retirees, investors or families a vary large variety in areas, ranging from the subtropical jungle of the Yucatan or Pacific Coast, to the temperate hilly central area of the country.

Many Style Choices � Hand-in-hand with this are the different styles available; anything from beachfront condos to colonial homes or lakefront ranches, and many choices in between are available areas throughout the country.

If you need more reasons, come to Mexico, and see it for yourself; you will find many more motivations to buy Mexico real estate!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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