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Friday, June 22, 2012

MSDS Preparation & Nexreg Compliance Inc

All products used in the workplace must have an MSDS accessible for employees to understand the proper use and safety measures needed when using a product or in case of an accident. It is the responsibility for the employer to ensure that there is an MSDS sheet for every product being used in their facility, but these MSDS's are typically provided by the supplier of the product. An MSDS sheet is a go-to document for all persons who may come into contact with a particular chemical or mixture. It explains the relevant physical properties, hazardous information and safety procedures. Every country/jurisdiction has its own regulations that must be followed when preparing an MSDS for a product, specifying what information must be disclosed on the document. Nexreg Compliance Inc. is a regulatory company that specializes in MSDS preparation. Nexreg offers MSDS authoring for the E.U. (SDS), NAFTA (U.S., Canada and Mexico), OSHA/WHMIS (U.S. and Canada), OSHA (U.S.) and WHMIS (Canad a). The type of MSDS you require will depend on where your product will be used. Because of the many different legislations regulating MSDS preparation, choosing a professional service like Nexreg Compliance is a safe way to ensure that your MSDS will be compliant with all necessary documents. Nexreg offers services for MSDS preparation from 2 weeks standard time to a 24-hour rush depending on your company's needs. Nexreg will determine the hazardous properties and classifications for your product from the formulation and prepare the appropriate MSDS accordingly. We also offer translations if you require your MSDS in another language besides English. Our team also offers services to update or reformat existing MSDSs your company may have that are expired or need to be used in a different jurisdiction. If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about Nexreg Compliance Inc.'s services, feel free to contact us: Nexreg Compliance, Inc. Toll Free: (866) 361-3 032 Phone: (519) 488-5126 Fax: (519) 488-5217 Web:

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