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Saturday, June 2, 2012

New World Order Corruption Continues Construction of Corporate Haven

Governments come and go. However, the new world order corruption continues to corrode sovereignty around the globe. Of course, just because we're told its new doesn't make it anything but more of the same exploitation. Most working people continue to kowtow to a small band of banksters besieging humanity.

I don't know if this sounds far fetched to you but let's look at some facts. Since the 17th Century, private profiteers have been on the move to create currencies under their control. The American Revolution of 1776 was aimed at throwing off that yolk of repressive control according to citations by its leaders such as inventor Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography.

In the United States, ongoing battles ended when the European Rothchilds, Rockefellers and other big bankers took control of the monetary system. I'm talking about when the Federal Reserve Banking system was born. This system allows ever-expansive profit making on the backs of people. This scurri lous scam, which already existed in many other countries, is the private central bank system.

Privately owned central banks print paper money with agreed to values (no longer backed by precious metals) and sell it at face value PLUS interest to the government. This comes straight out of your nose as tax payer since you are the one paying this off. That is to say the state acquires debt and tax dollars pay the interests on it. One of many websites explaining this is found here: /ind/schoon/jun232008.html.

It turns out that this scheme to make millions out of thin air has not been enough to satisfy those at the top. That is why they are trying to put a new one world government into place, in which commercial law rules. This is just a twist on the Empire building motif which dates back centuries. Today it is a cartel of big bankers who, by controlling central banks and buying up the biggest and most profitable corporations in diverse sectors of the global economy, are trying to take over the world.

Governments are simply being used through campaign coffer control, lobbying and other bids to buy out politicians and royal families. Public policies no longer benefit the populace but private profiteers. They are erecting this New World Order corruption to keep the fat cats on top.

The building blocks are being put into place through free trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). These instruments ar e re-writing commercial law as a new international law of the land.

Corporate "rights" to make profit are becoming locked in as superior to national constitutions and secondary laws in defense of human, civil and environmental rights. This is done with clauses of the Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA's Chapter 11, which is explained here: /NAU/nafta__chapter_11.htm.

While multi-national firms take advantage of cheap Mexican labor, good jobs in Mexico that had once existed are no more. And Canadian and American workers suffer as well. This will only increase under the expansion of NAFTA by the Security and Prosperity Partnership -- a type of NAFTA plus.

Under this agreement, a new super corridor to transport goods from Mexico throughout the United States and into Canada is being connected. This will facilitate more industrial downsizing in your town.

Even dock workers are slated to be put of work, jobs which have good union wages, in order to receiv e Asian goods in Mexican ports and ship them north with low paid Mexican truckers. Here's one example of worker efforts to expose this attack on their rights at /nafta-super-highway/.

The New World Order corruption is only new in that is the latest step to assure hegemony to a handful of the wealthy who wield fortune and power. Only an angry public can position itself to rise up and demand justice for people over profiteering by a handful of pilfering parasites.

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