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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vital Role of Interest in Improvement of Pharmacy Education in India & World Wide

The future of any country can be easily forecasted simply by looking at the up coming graduate being turned into the milestone of tomorrow. A Genuine indigenous & sustainable development of Indian pharmacy graduate cannot be ensured unless pharmacy institutions produce technically skilled and sound manpower for tomorrows future. In the post GATT era, the Indian pharmacy graduate must be capable to reach the pinnacle of triumph and the sound knowledge of their profession can help them to compete globlly.

In todays India, educational process/ institutions are no longer considered for building tomorrows graduates but a business venture for profit making. A lot of emphasis is give on the relationship of industry-academia, but still the graduate coming out from the institutions do not match with the expectation of pharmaceutical industry. The temple of learning playing a crucial role to develop the tomorrows graduate with sound competency & proficiency with professionalism.

In todays India, educational process is no longer considered for building nation but a business venture for future profit making. Institutions/universities are donning international cap and are considering themselves part of global network. Few institutions are already having understanding with institutions, industries at national and international level for collaborative research programmes. Terms like internationalisation, globalisation of education are making rounds. Modernisation of education is essential but not at the cost of losing its basic essence.

Today, pharmacy education is mostly governed by bodies other than its own self. The institutions imparting pharmacy education are affiliated to the medical university or technical university whereas the standards and norms for running the institute are prescribed by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), the statutory body of the profession, derives satisfaction in being a silent spectator and as a member of other bodies governing the pharmacy profession, rather than amending the Pharmacy Act broaden the objectives and functioning of the council. The pharmacy degrees are awarded by faculties of science, technology or medicine rarely by the faculty of pharmacy.

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