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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Social Kissing Gifts and Bribes - how to get on with people worldwide

About the book

Business executives and frequent travellers will benefit hugely from this practical book which offers helpful advice on how to improve communication and contact across dissimilar cultures and to steer clear of social mistakes that could ruin a deal or wreck a contract. The book covers 82 topics such as etiquette and manners, greeting and leave-taking, gift giving and bribery, forms of address and use of titles, jokes and anecdotes,negotiating and bargaining, body language, business entertaining and male-female relationships.

It is a down-to-earth handbook on how to negotiate the minefield of blunders and faux pas when working or being entertained in a foreign country or when hosting foreign guests in your own country. Cultural differences are illustrated with amusing anecdotes and gaffes. Frederick Marsh uses his considerable experience to offer helpful and practical advice.

About the author

Frederick Marsh headed his own international marketing consultancy, whose clients included trans-national corporations, universities, business schools, market intelligence companies and the United Nations agency ITC/UNCTAD-GATT. Earlier, he was chairman and chief executive officer of a food company. He has met kings and prime ministers, captains of industry, military leaders and shop floor workers during his frequent journeys to some 90 countries, worldwide. His lectures on cross-cultural relations at seminars and conferences were the starting point for his book. His sense of humour makes the book readable and entertaining.

He was an air racing pilot and chairman of the Royal Aero Club. He now lives in London with his wife, plays Bridge, Lawn Bowls and Croquet and enjoys Scottish Dancing.

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