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Friday, June 8, 2012

North American Union

First we will go into the cons of Northern America Union to someit isan grand scheme of confederation of regional Government and currency.This could lead to the united states government into being eroded

.Therefore by building a NAFTA highway could be alsodangerous from Mexico to Canada.this concept was brought about in Bush administration for being debt with China some sources believe china would benefit from this northern union concept mainly from panama canal and the NAFTAhighway,meaning cheap labor and resources at hand for China.

.In context could this make Canada and the United states 3rd world countries in line with Mexico messing with the United States currency could also be dangerous even if the dollar is devalued

.On the other hand Robert Pastor an Canadian feels creations of Ameromoneymay help Canada and Mexico's economy Dr Pastor is involved in the CD Hone institute of Canada,which advocates the creation of Amero currency

.This reasoning is based upon the possible eroding of the USA dollar bill through out Asia and Europe.Mexico's former President Foxwants anNorth America union style concept could help his country to developed into a world class economy.

Fox uses Irelandand Spain as examples in modernizing their countries in Europe.Therefore it may make the Northern union an power to be reckon with create jobs and building economies,in North Americabut it needs legal guide lines and may incurred some problems with Mexico's illegal immigrants.

but a union may solve these problem such as creating moving employment around the territory but there again you need guide lines.These guide lines would have to conform to the Obama adminstratition and the Bill of rights before being enacted by congress of the United States.

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