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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ningbo Foreign Trade Liang 2009 transcripts textile and clothing industry recovery

Ningbo Customs, according to the latest statistics, Ningbo City in 2009 volume of imports show a fast rising trend, reaching 22.16 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 3%, while the benefits of export enterprises are gradually turning, textiles, clothing, auto parts and other exports from the next half began a rapid recovery.
Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade, Deputy Secretary for the small beach at a press briefing yesterday, said, Ningbo business enterprises engaged in foreign trade rise, not fall, more than 12000.
In December from the current growth in exports in the first
Ding Beach introduced in December 2009, Ningbo City, a strong rebound in imports and exports, imports and exports that month, exports and imports respectively reached 6.6 billion, 40.8 billion and 2.52 billion U.S. dollars, the highest since October 2008 a new high since the initial reverse had greatly decline in foreign trade dilemma. Exports increased by 13.7%, in early 2009, the first time since the growth in exports, which means exports have begun to enter the growth path.
Substantial growth of foreign trade in December by the pulling, the year 2009, Ningbo's foreign trade volume broke through 60 billion U.S. dollars, import and export growth, import growth are better than the national average, in Zhejiang province continue to lead the trend of foreign trade.
From all 36 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and cities with independent planning ranking point of view, Ningbo export among the national top 10, listed ninth.
Textile and garment industries have recovered
Hundred years of financial crisis does not shake the Ningbo Foreign Trade were enthusiastic practitioners. Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau data show that in 2009 the city's foreign trade business registration new company to reach 2216, adding the number of enterprises in 2008 we still need more than the 300, there are nearly ten thousand foreign trade performance of businesses, maintaining a "Qianjun 10000 horse to do foreign trade "a good pattern, and is to" thousands of businessmen gathered in "the development of the situation. Ding Beach, said in 2009, textile, clothing, stationery, etc. Ningbo has a traditional advantage of the daily consumer goods exports and roughly flat the previous year; the second half of auto parts and other mechanical and electrical products exports recovered quickly, particularly in the ship exports surged.
Cultivation of export brands continues to lead value-added exports has also increased. Ding Beach, said last year, Ningbo, in the steady external demand, insurance market, also encourages research and development of export products of foreign trade enterprises to pay attention to design, arrange financial support for enterprises to set up R & D institutions, to promote "Ningbo create" to "Ningbo Chi-made" and "Ningbo create a" change in .
To SEDUNO Group, for example, their independent research and development of smart air-conditioning thermostat jade fiber care fiber knitwear and hosiery, not long ago has just passed the provincial level appraisal, which can not only bring about 18 million yuan to SEDUNO U.S. exports, also for "SEDUNO" reentry into the international well-known brands to broaden the field of deep processing of the path.
"Order one after another, all companies are at work seven days a week." Ningbo, general manager of a textile industry says.
Various departments together to optimize the environment for the development of foreign trade
The crisis years, Ningbo City, efforts to improve trade environment, the first in Zhejiang Province promulgated the "trade facilitation work order", GATT, prosecutors trade, finance and trade, tax and trade, silver and trade cooperation mechanisms such as more perfect.
Municipality and other relevant departments according to their respective duties and responsibilities, focus on the grassroots level, in order to expand foreign economic and trade enterprises with good services, security work.
Ningbo Customs declaration, such as to encourage enterprises to AA class and A class enterprise, two categories of enterprises 44% respectively over the previous year and 4.6 times; Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has established origin inspection, Ningbo through new export inspection and supervision mechanisms; City Department of Finance and timely introduced and honored to support the city's economic and trade policies; City, State Administration of Taxation to further accelerate the progress of the export tax rebate; City Kouan Ban actively promote the "great customs clearance" building; city efforts to solve the financial sector small and medium enterprise financing foreign trade and economic problems; Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau vigorously promote the registration of foreign trade enterprises facilitation and other measures.
Ningbo city departments involved are all for the development of foreign trade made a positive contribution.

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