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Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to Get a Work Permit in Canada

Are you interested in providing a work permit to work in Canada? If so, you'll want to use either a visa office outside Canada or the port of entry (usually the airport). It will be necessary to find a place of employment before completing the application if it expects to receive approval. A Canadian Immigration lawyer will likely point out that to find employment, you will need to be approved by the Canadian Human Resources first. Once this approval has been committed then a work permit issued by immigration authorities in Canada.
In most cases it will be necessary to secure work before trying to get permission. After this important step has been made our firm can guide you through the application process involved in the acquisition of a temporary Canadian work permit visa.

Note: It is the job of a lawyer immigration to find work for one person. What is your Canada immigration lawyer can do is offer support in obtaining a work permit after the work is offered to potential applicants.

Regular Process work permit applications

Standard procedure states that a person must obtain approval from the Canadian Human Resources to apply for work permits. This process includes this employer demonstrate their efforts in trying to find a Canadian to fill the position of Human Resources. If an employer can show evidence that the newspaper and online advertising have been put to no avail usually approval will be granted. Relaxation of these standards will only happen if the work has already been identified as a "Profession under pressure. This status means that Canada has identified this as a profession with skills shortages now and it is ready to fill this gap within its labor market with immigrants. A Canadian immigration lawyer can also offer assistance in obtaining low-skilled job offers from approved foreign worker, though expectations should be that the process is much more complicated.
After approval by the Canadian Human Resources work permit may be issued a visa allows a person to immigrate to Canada. Like all other temporary residence applications, immigration authorities will do background checks standard to ensure that the person meets the requirements in all other ways admissible in Canada prior to the issuance of work permit requirements.

When work permits do not require the approval of Human Resources

A Canadian immigration lawyer can help ensure that each work permit without first obtaining approval from Human Resources. Entrepreneurs may be exempted from screening. Within the company transfers may be exempt from this process. In addition, any person whose work is considered to confer a significant benefit to Canada can also be released.
Foreign students can receive special exemptions if they are willing to undergo training in the country. An employer wishing to hire this student will be enough to be eligible for open work permit.

NAFTA work permits, etc.

Canadian immigration lawyer can help residents of some countries receive work permits where prior Human Resources approval is not necessary. For example, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows citizens of the United States and Mexico to apply for work permits, without obtaining the approval of Human Resources. These people however have to be business visitors, professionals within the recipient company, traders or investors. Signed contracts with other Canada can offer this benefit to its citizens. General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) will offer the same benefits that NAFTA will be to its citizens.

Live-in care

Live in caregiver may also receive assistance from the Canada Immigration lawyer if they have an employment offer from Canada that will allow the caregiver to live in their home. Infants, elderly persons and disable all will be eligible for a nanny to care for the name the Canadian employer in this category. Employees will have 12 years of education, ability speak enough English or French to carry out basic conversation without supervision and are ready for six months training program related to the quality of their babysitter (one year work experience in the field may be substituted here). After working for at least two years as a nanny can apply for permanent residence for themselves and family members.

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