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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great America Give Away !

Lets forget about all the billions of your dollars that the United States Corporation gives away to settle disputes between foreign countries and all the money they waste on fighting other nations civil wars. Let us talk about the country as a whole that they are giving away. A country our founding fathers left in our care for our children's children.

One of the first things that comes to mind is Panama Canal ( /panama-canal-history/usinvolvement.htm ). To save time to get from one ocean to another and conserve fuel, we spent millions of dollars (today's money equivalent would be billions) and many American lives to build this canal. The people of panama threatened to blow it up if we did not give it back to them, so the President of the U.S. Corp. gave it back. Not sold it back but just gave it away for nothing. Let me ask you a simple question, if any of you readers bought a house off someone and invested money and time in it would you give it back to them for free? Of course not, you would proballysell it back at a profit orThe biggest joke is that we owned it and were paying passage to go trough it and that wasn't enough for them.

Government gives away millions to illegal immigrants in 1986 (/2006/05/24/opinion/24meese.html?ex=1306123200&en=aa37c8e0f0977449&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss ) In exchange for allowing aliens to stay, he decided, border security and enforcement of immigration laws would be greatly strengthened in particular, through sanctions against employers who hired illegal immigrants. If jobs were the attraction for illegal immigrants, then cutting off that option was crucial. Says right there if you do not give the jobs they will go home and the big companies still hire these people at your expense. This article was posted in 1986 and they gave amnesty to illegal immigrants costing this country billions, and now they want to do it again. How stupid are the American people that they do not learn from past mistakes.

What more of yours can the government give away? Well how about your jobs ? They sure did that with signing of the Nafta agreements signed in 17 December 1992 . (/trade/nafta/naftatce.asp). We can still hear the sucking sound of jobs going every where else in the world but here. That made all these other countries s o happy our government taking away our industry and they were getting it. Hope you are happy that every tractor trailer on the road today is a moving warehouse for some other countries product. And all the big chain stores are store houses for these products. We were once know for being a Great Industrial Nation.

You might be thinking by now and saying, well the government gave it all away and now its gone and there is nothing left so why worry about it, because there is nothing left to lose. Well if that is what you are thinking you are wrong, there is one thing left they are trying to get rid of. The American spirit, now your question is how can they get rid of that. My answer is simple, for a second time they want to give 20 million more illegal immigrants amnesty.
If they succeed in doing so, the country will be filled up not with more Americans but foreigners who do not care at all about this country. But instead will make it just like the one they left. They do not want to join our culture or even learn the language, they insist we learn theirs . If given amnesty 80 million more of their family members will be allowed to come into this country.

Each one of these people will cost the American tax payer 17,000.00 a year in benefits and will destroy the economy of this county once and for all. They are lying to you about getting tax money because what ever they take out of their checks they will get a full refund at the end of the year plus get a subsidy of 17,00.00 breaking the social security systems years ahead of time.

If there are any Americans in this country left and you care about your country and the future of you children and grand children, it is your duty as Americans to write your congres sman a letter demanding they close these boarders once and for all. Ask them why they are so afraid to come up with a bill to send them back. My belief is they are willing to give away everything you own to keep their jobs.

There are many honest people who have not jumped the line and are waiting to come in legally. These are the kind of people we need in this country not the law breakers that are here now making outrageous demands. The best way to get rid of these law breakers are no jobs, no housing, and then watch the roads burn up as they head back to where they came from on their own.

And then there is the on going giveaway which is allowing the big oil companies to rob the American people at the pumps. Do you remember the Alaskan pipe line that cost us millions? It was built in the event that we would have fuel shortages in this country. They could pump all the oil we would need to make gasoline or any other kind of fuel. Where is our oil goi ng? It does not stay here where it belongs; it is exported to countries like Japan. So if we export our oil we need some to use, so we pay a fortune to import it back. Sound like a real scam to me and price gouging sounds like the correct term to be use. I heard on the news that even some of these gas station owners are voluntarily shutting down their own stations because they do not want to be part of the big rip-off'

Over the last few years the price of fuel has gone up over 200 percent for crude, but the cost to remove the oil from the ground basically is still the same. Will anyone do anything about it, no because they are all making tons of money for doing nothing. Check sticker on the pumps to see how much the governments cut is for doing nothing but collecting taxes, if they stopped the overcharging they would be cutting their own profits which by the way is in the billions. In conclusion my question is, what in the world is it going to take before the Am erica I once knew wakes up?

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