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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fairground Hire

If you are thinking about planning a special event then you should consider fairground hire. This is an affordable and effective way for you to organise an event with a difference and guests will be transported back to a different time with the classic fairground rides and food stalls.

You can hire modern fairground rides such as dodgems and fast 'whirler' rides, but for that extra special touch a number of companies such as offer traditional fairground rides. This could include classic attractions like the big wheel, helter skelter and coconut shy. These classic fairground rides are fun and appeal to everyone and can help you to create a relaxed, fun environment for your special event.

Fairground hire can be used for a number of different events including village fetes, garden parties, product launches, birthdays, retirements and weddings. There is a great range of different fairground rides and stalls to choose from and t hese can include:

" Hot Chestnut Stall - there is nothing quite like the aroma and taste of fresh roasted chestnuts. This is a classic wintertime treat and ideal for creating that special atmosphere. Hot chestnut stalls can be great for winter weddings or for large themed events.
" Coconut Shy - this is a classic fairground stall and always proves popular with guests. With the coconut shy each player is given three wooden balls which they must then use to try and dislodge the coconut targets from their posts. When you hire a coconut shy make sure the stall offers a complete enclosed environment for the coconut targets so that thrown balls are safely contained. Then you will be able to place the coconut shy anywhere without worrying about balls flying around causing damage or injury. You can arrange prices for the winners in advance to get that real fairground vibe.

" Hook a Duck - this is another traditional fairground stall and very popular with children. This is one of the games where you can always win something and the each duck will be worth a prize (the fun is trying to hook the ducks with the best prizes). As with the coconut shy you can arrange prices in advance for your guests and this can include small novelty items, sweets and cuddly toys.

" Shooting Stall - this is a very popular fairground stall and can be set up for all age groups. There are a number of different types of shooting stalls but the safest one for mixed age groups are those that supply players with cork firing gatt guns. These are secured to the stall on swivel mounts in most cases to prevent them from being removed and fired randomly. The shooting stall is a real test of eye to hand coordination and the players aim to knock down targets (typically cut outs of ducks or green bottles). Some great prizes can be offered for those that hit all their targets. This is one of the more challenging fairground stalls but always draws a big crowd of people wanting to test their skills.

" Hoopla Hoopla - a great fun game for all ages the aim is to use the plastic or wooden rings provided to hook the prizes on display on the target blocks. This can be trickier than it looks and keeps guests entertained for hours.

Hiring a fairground ride can be a wonderful way to make your event that little bit more special and fun for your guests.

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