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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dr Reich is very hard to understand when writing his books

Dr Reich,s talks about socialism and liberalism and free trade in the same breath yet he does not mention nationalism at all,also Dr Reich does not mention that NAFTA is an unfair trading agreement.

Therefore He feels that free trade will cure the problems of the United states and create jobs for the America people.

This is very interesting at best as Reich believes do what the Romans would do go along with the program,according to Dr Reich adapt with free tradeand everything will be allright,I bet for instance Dr Reich believes in the north American plan with a nafta highway going throughMexico to Canada

.FurtherI have never heard Dr Reich denounce Nafta as saying it should be rewritten yet DrReich writesarticles about liberialism and socialism and never talks about what Obama is talking about economic stimulations plans, we only assume he is an Bill Clinton man at best.

With in context Dr Reich's means excepting the economy at Red China's terms whatever they dish out,we are sold out to Red china anyway and that's all right according to Dr Reich.Nationalism seems to be a dirty word for Bob Reich,because in Mr Reich mind it has nothing to do with global trade or free markets.

Finally I wish NAFTA is rewritten to the United States advantage Dr Reich believes that you should accept the situation as is that is anterrible attitude at best.

Yet Bill Clinton and BobReich go back to there london days or Oxford university days they both believe that the free market can solve all the economic problems of the world

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