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Sunday, May 6, 2012

AC Milan buyout Boateng - Sports - Football

AC Milan last summer left a "heart disease", Boateng's buyout issue has been successfully completed yesterday, according to from the "Milan News" reports, AC Milan have completed the negotiations with the Genoa area, bought out Boateng, just waiting for the right time to the official announcement. "Milan News" published a specific figure, will be the total value of 7 million transfer fee, buy out the remaining half of Ghanaians were right, of course, which may include young players Qi Geni, Nnamdi Oduamadi and others were right, but more details were not disclosed. Prior to that, according to the Soccer Jersey Genoa club claimed the main Xipu Lei economic Oce, and Genoa in the contract, in addition to outside Boateng, including six players of the "package deal plans," Ossie was Prairie economy, said: "If AC Milan Genoa side refused to accept the offer, we are not afraid to fight a price war. "But for now, everything goes well resolved. "Milan News" is the most close to AC Milan, the Italian network of media; the news was "Milan News" to "exclusive" exposure situation, based on historical experience, "Milan News" such a situation, usually something that has dust settled out.AC Milan this season, Boateng is an important finding, even willing to claim, will join next season, but in "La Repubblica", AC Milan lineup next season forecast, Ghana has also been placed on the avant-garde position, cable co-exist with Gan, and Berlusconi Galliani had also guaranteed to buy the outstanding performance will be, both offensive and defensive Ghana. At the same time, the author of "Heart of Milan," the AC Milan Serie A Jerseys with Mediaset's team also broke the news reporters Pellet Gatti said: "Mark van Bommel is another team's players to stay positive, AC Milan, and the ready contract expires in summer 2012, the veteran contract. "And on the other hand, Pellet Gatti said Pirlo will definitely go, and this is called" a bitter farewell ", Seedorf, Ambrosini will be the club to stay, Inzaghi and the club because of the tacit understanding between, will continue the effectiveness of AC Milan. Pellet Gatti accident, said: "Gattuso's fate is not clear, because the security contract for 10 million euros Zhi too high, it is now Reno's decision was his." Law of strokes in young talent, and AC Milan Jerseys Manchester United is also nose to the grindstone. "Daily Mirror" said the Manchester United beat Arsenal close to 300 million pounds transfer fee, with the Lens to the French genius Raphael Wa Lani join the agreement reached. 18-year-old Wala Ni height of 1 meter 91, the functional central defender, also capable of performing defensive midfield position. While with the Browns had just signed a new contract but the Manchester United bought him for lightning shot, but insiders to the "Mirror" revealed that "agreement will be reached." Although the young, but already this season Representative Wa Lani Lens in the French league, played in 17 games for France U21 team played three games. Brown may be leaving the team for this summer, but Evans seems to bear Dayong, Wa Lani Ferguson hopes to soon join Manchester United, Manchester United Ronaldinho Jerseys next season to fill the team's halfback line

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