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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jaipur Tour ? One of the most favored tours for all. - Travel - Hotels and Lodging

The 'Pink City' Jaipur is one of the most beautiful city of Indian state Rajasthan and is also its state capital. It is a world famous tourist location. The entire city is surrounded by a fortified wall which encompasses it and is shielded by seven gates. This Indian city has a glorious past, which was constructed on 18 November 1727 by the emperor of Amber-Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Every year the splendid beauty and glorious culture of Rajasthan attracts thousands of tourists to India. The Majestic and Imperial forts and buildings of Jaipur reflect the taste of Rajputs and Royal families of Rajasthan.

So the next time you plan your holidays to Incredible India then you should have a Jaipur Tour. The best time to visit Jaipur is somewhere between October to March as the weather conditions are at its best. Visiting Jaipur during festivals like Teej Festival, Holi, The Gangaur festival, Shitla Mata Fair and Chaksu Fair and many more is an ideal time as these festivals are very colorful and so beautiful that it is difficult for tourists to stay away from enjoying this festive mood.

More of this you can also enjoy the taste and style of Rajputs with your stay in Rajasthan Hotels. There are various hotels which carry the style and living of Rajputs to give their customers a closer look of ancient Rajputs and kings. Hotel Jaipur provides a vast range of packages befitting your budget and your desire. Jaipur is famous for its heritage hotels, and many royal buildings which have been converted into hotels and five star hotels as well as for budget hotels. One can find Cheap Hotels in Jaipur within the range of 1000 to 2000 INR per day for each room. These hotels maintain world class amenities for their tourists at a very reasonable price. On and off these Rajasthan Hotels keep announcing different offers where one can book the rooms at amazingly low prices. Staying in Jaipur hotels can be an inimitable experience as you enjoy all the luxuries of the modern world in ancient royal Rajputs style.

The delicious food of Rajasthan can tickle your taste buds with their aromatic spices which have its own unique flavor using the simplest ingredients in preparing most of the dishes. Mawa Kachori and Mirchi Vada, Dal Batti Churma, Kadi chawal, Khata, Gatte Ki Sabzi are some of spicy and tasty dishes which are world famous today. Khud Khargosh, a non-vegetarian dish, a royal Rajput delicacy which is prepared using hare or rabbit meat. The hare is skinned and stuffed with spices, wrapped in dough and finally in layers of mud-soaked cloth. The ambrosial result is meat perfectly blended with the spices and dough.

These delicacies are served in a very royal manner to their customers at Rajasthan Hotels ensuring that you are treated like kings and queens. So next time you plan a holiday to India do consider visiting Jaipur to enjoy the luxury and style of the Royals.

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