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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Digital Music Market Outlook - Entertainment

This report examines developments across the rapidly evolving digital music industry. It analyzes the evolving value chain and business models; provides market sizing and forecasting by segments, paid users and geography; underlines key players strategies and industry stakeholders' initiatives to curb piracy; and provides actionable insight on how to best approach this fast-changing market.

Features and benefits Gain a comprehensive understanding of how market trends are impacting on the digital music industry and record music industry as a whole. Predict the key growth areas in the digital music market, arising from changing consumer preferences to access music anywhere and on multiple devices. Gauge the size of the Digital Music Market opportunity, gaining an insight into the business potential of online, mobile and subscription services. Learn from the strategies of leading digital digital music stakeholders in order to target future growth sectors effectively. Benchmark your performance against the major digital music download retailers and music streaming companies.


Business Insights anticipates that global digital music revenues will more than double from $7.4bn in 2010 to 20.1bn by 2015, growing at a CAGR of 22.1% over the period. Subscriptions will be the fastest growing segment, growing at CAGR of 60.8% over the forecast period.

In terms of market value, the US, Japan, UK, France, and Germany are the key digital music markets, together accounting for 79.5% of the global market in 2010. India, China, and Mexico are the upcoming digital music markets, which present strong growth potential.

Globally, ISPs are entering the battle against music piracy, primarily driven by the collective efforts of music companies and local government's support. In 2010, France, Ireland and South Korea took steps to curtail music piracy, while others including the UK, New Zealand, and Malaysia are aiming to do so in 2011.

Your key questions answered

Which factors are driving and resisting the growth of the market and what trends will shape the future of the market? What is the industry's size in terms of value and paid users, which segments and which regions are the fastest growing? Who are the key stakeholders in the industry, what are their growth strategies and how have they performed financially? How much is the value chain being disrupted, and who are the new digital intermediaries? What is the impact of music piracy across major regions? What steps are governments and industry stakeholders taking to curb piracy?

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