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Monday, May 14, 2012

Rajasthan Cultural Tour ? An Incredible Journey for Lifetime Experience - Travel - Travel Tips

Heretofore you will have traveled around on dream holiday destination that will be true. Have you ever traveled in India before? If you say no, then you have a wonderful opportunity to get an incredible experience which you will never have achieved before, you just go for Rajasthan cultural tour in India tour. Rajasthan is a rich landscape because of its diverse cultures and traditions and even flora and fauna. The prime attractions of Rajasthan are forts, palaces and rustic villages.

Legends, folk music and dance of each district in Rajasthan are extraordinary in their style and satisfied. A huge variety of melodious instruments such as manjira, dholaks, trumpets and even flutes are used in these each region which creates the songs more titillating and interesting to appreciate. The well-off folk songs are typically ballads and narrate innumerable sagas of various mythical tales, current issues, heroic works of warriors, love stories et cetera. Akin to the folk dance embraces of attention-grabbing forms and movements succored with colorful props. Extravagant and stylistic woven dazzling mesmerize the travellers to get a unique experience. Kalbeliya dance of Jaisalmer, Ghoomar dance of Udaipur, Bhavai, Fire Dance of Jasnathis, Chari et cetera are famous all over the world. And so, don't miss these and just opt for Rajasthan culture tour packages.

The cuisines and dishes Rajasthan are made with well-off variety of ingredients and spices. Because of lack of water in this state to and dry state most of the dishes are prepared with buttermilk, milk and ghee. As breakfast cereals form the staple diet of the local people, most of the dishes and cuisines have wheat, millets etc an imperative ingredient in them. Delicacies are included khata; pakodi, gatte ki sabzi etc are made of gram flour. The flavorful food items creates one hanker for more.

The Rajasthan's annual fairs and festivals are celebrated with great pomp and vigor attracting horde from across the globe and the native land. Some of the important and popular fairs and festival are Pushkar Fair, Elephant Festival, Gangaur, Desert Festival, Teej and so on. An imperative feature of Rajasthan's fairs and festivals is the involvement of adorned and bedecked animals such as elephant, camels, cows etc. All the dissimilar religions in Rajasthan celebrate the spirit of their festivals by praying to Gods and Goddesses performing spectacular rituals. The most sought-after temples in the state belong to Jains like Dilwara temples even if Hinduism is also one of the prime religions in the State. Muslims are also present in large numbers but the most popular Muslim Pilgrimage in Ajmer. With Rajasthan tour packages, the travellers can experience of some unique things of Rajasthan.

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