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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

L1 Visa Prerequisites and Information - Self Help

Assuming that they are not transferring from a Canadian corporation to its U.S. office, and as a result the L-one visa is not offered to them, Canadian citizen pros usually find by themselves considering the TN visa and H1B visa and the variations or similarities among the two.TN Visa OverviewThe TN visa is a nonimmigrant do the job visa for specialized personnel who are citizens of Canada and Mexico and whose distinct occupations seem on the routine produced by NAFTA (Appendix 1603.D.1 of NAFTA). Included in the occupation list are many professions, ranging from architects, computer system analysts, technical writers, accountants, and social workers to those falling inside of the health-related and science professions, these kinds of as pharmacists, physicians, astronomers, and biologists. The TN visa is specially helpful for Canadian citizens as they can course of action their programs immediately at a port of entry with out acquiring prior USCIS approval or without havi ng going to a consulate for a visa stamp.H1B visa OverviewThe H1B visa is a nonimmigrant operate visa below the Immigration & Nationality Act, area 101(a)(fifteen)(H), for skilled employees from all through the world that permits foreign nationals to be briefly employed in the U.S. in a specialty occupation. A specialty occupation is defined as requiring theoretical and practical software of a physique of hugely specialized awareness in a subject of "human endeavor." Some frequent occupation classes are as follows: computer system and world-wide-web technologies, promotion, law, accounting, finance, mathematics, architecture, engineering, sciences, medicine, education, business, arts, public relations, different know-how fields, trend, etc. With the exception of fashion designs, the H1B visa involves at a minimum the attainment of a bachelors diploma or its equivalent and state licensure if needed.TN visa v. H1B visaWhen choosing between the TN visa and the H1B visa, a Ca nadian citizen may possibly want to take into account the subsequent information.Visa Duration: H1B visa is granted in 3 12 months increments for a max interval of 6 decades (except if a labor certification has been pending for at minimum 1 12 months or he/she has an authorized I-140). Thereafter, an H1B visa holder have to depart the US for at minimum a person year in buy to avail himself or herself of a lot more time on the H1B. In addition, any time spent on the L-one Visa is also counted in the direction of the six 12 months interval. TN visa is granted in three year increments for an unrestricted interval of time.Ease of Getting: The H1B visa can only be obtained right after an employer files a Labor Certification Software and submits a lengthy I-129 application to USCIS with regards to the information of employment. The TN Visa can be obtained right at a port of entry with a thorough letter from the employer regarding the placement and evidence from the Canadian citize n about how he or she qualifies for the placement.Timing - Original applications: Unless the H1B employment will be at a non-revenue exploration organization or a university, you can only to begin with use for the H1B visa on April 1st. You can use for a TN visa whenever during the yr.

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