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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tn Visa Application: An Overview - Other

This article provides some useful tips related to TN visa (Trade NAFTA) application in the United States. The U.S. government acknowledges that there is a shortage of qualified workers in different professional fields in the U.S. so it created a list of these fields to be available for the public to view. To look for the fields available when you apply check for NAFTA approved job listings. An applicant must make an effort to know the TN visa requirements needed and be prepared to address articulately how the basic requirements are met and prove that one qualifies for TN category. Try to pre-arrange part-time of full-time employment with any U.S. company which needs a NAFTA professional to fill its vacant position. You can apply for the TN visa once you have the job offer, you employer will also provide assistance in the process. Note that self-employment is not recognized under TN status.Make sure that you know the content of the employer's support letter and that it meet s the minimal requirements set under NAFTA and that it includes the following: TN category applying under, description of employer, TN category eligibility, compensation for the proposed engagement, description of duties and the length of period of proposed engagement. Frequently, inspectors will take the employer support letter from the applicant and will ask the applicant to write down the job duties on a separate piece of paper. Unreasonable differences in both the job descriptions might cause complications and even rejection of application.

Notify your employer that CBP may contact them so request your employer to be available for telephone call for CBP's confirmation of the employment offer or for discussion of the employment condition. If your employer sends over someone to facilitate the process then things become much easier for all parties concerned.As usual, applicants are required to furnish all degrees, transcripts and other documents in original. An applicant must make sure that passport is updated and is valid for the full duration of the applicant's proposed TN stay. If not, your TN status will be limited to the maximum validity of your passport. The employer support letter must be on the employer's letter head and duly signed by an authorized signatory.

Applications are interviewed during the application process. Do not make any false claims or provide false information to the CBP officials and clear misunderstandings if any. If a CBP inspector suspects that a TN visa applicant made a false statement to obtain admission to U.S., the inspector can charge the applicant with fraud or misinterpretation which may cause the TN application to be denied or a lifetime bar to U.S. If you lie and the CBP presses charges, you probably wouldn't get a judicial hearing, all charges are final and binding.Applicants must make sure that online information does not contradict the application of TN visa. Frequently, inspectors will do searches on the internet on the applicant and the company to get the information they wanted. If discrepancies the found the applicant and often the employer is required to provide a valid explanation for the same.Applicants who have criminal records or have been rejected before are generally required to have a good explanation before their application is processed. If you have priors you will probably require the services of immigration lawyers if you want the CBP to even process your application. After a few years living the American dream you'll also want to upgrade your TN visa to green card, for that you will need to see a lawyer as well.Hash: Mathew Senron-AcPBDwYudiLXZimgcbW5

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