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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exactly What You Need Find Out Just Before Sending Shipments to Mexico - Business - Management

In practice are many methods to ship packages to Mexico. The methods of sending goods to Mexico can be quite easy in contrast to sending merchandise to other countries because the country is part of the NAFTA treaty and is a founding member of the WTO. You could obtain the help of one of the shipping services offered in the United States of America that give great door-to-door transportation services. This implies that you would simply deal with packing your shipments and accomplishing a number of forms locally, similar to the shipping records and several customs documents by which you make a declaration of the contents of the shipment and the value. When the declared value surpasses particular limits, you will be forced to include an invoice, so be careful. The logistics company may provide customs mediation services and your item will be shipped to the desired destination.

An alternative procedure is employing a service provider that gives ground transport to your customs specialist at any of the designated entry points. In some cases when you mail an item that surpasses $2500 you may find it necessary to complete a separate record known as the Shipper's Export Declaration that can be filled in an electronic format. Besides the invoice, you are required to accomplish a BOL form, a packing list, a NAFTA Certificate of Origin and sometimes a Letter of Origin that might be written in English, Spanish or French if importing shipments to Mexico.

Do your best to be exact about the packages you are shipping particularly with regards the packing list and also on the invoice. The names of the goods on these couple of paper works need to generally be similar. A considerable amount of all the products imported to Mexico are being checked, and it would be wise not to take any chances. The customs officials are extremely strict regarding the paperwork. Verify the list of disallowed substances and products. In many situations an item that appears hassle-free might be illegitimate or fall under specific restrictions, such as products made of chocolate. You should be cautious so your item will not be moist, leaky or emit an odor of any sort due to the fact there is going to be a substantial possibility the package won't be acknowledged at the customs. Make inquiries regarding all the customs charges and pay all of them if necessary ahead of importing shipments to Mexico.

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