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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Henley-on-thames -- Oxfordshire Is Situated Along The Picturesque Thames River. - Travel - Travel Tips

The town of Henley-on-Thames -- Oxfordshire is centrally located between the corners of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Counties. This area which sits along the river Thames and is not recorded in history and other writings until the writings of Henry II in 1179. Henry II stated that there was a settlement in this area. The early structures are noted as having been erected in the next 10 years with a church being built in 1204 and the bridge in 1234.

Under the control of King Henry VIII Henley was incorporated in 1568 under its current name. The town success is contributed to its proximity to London and supplying of timber and grain to this and other cities. Although a relatively new city in terms of European history this town offers some unique architectural structures and some picturesque site seeing.

Among these historic structures is Henley Bridge. This bridge is a five arched structure that is unique to the area and was built in 1786. As is typical of all structures in this town the bridge accents the natural beauty of the river. Also among the structures is St. Mary's Church which was built in the 1600s. St. Mary's possesses a tower that is a popular tourist attraction. Another structure that is a popular attraction is the marsh lock on the River Thames. This mechanism was built in 1773 but the first lock built in this area was erected in 1580.

The beauty of the river banks attracts many visitors and offers great sites along the banks including some beautiful homes including a rally court which was built in 1684 and the Greenland's home built in 1868 for the Dorling family. The Greenland's house is now owned by and houses the Henley Management College. Also located on the river is the River and Rowing Museum. This museum which was built in 1999 as a modern design won the building of the year award and the Museum of the year award.

The sport of rowing is popular all along the Thames River. Henley is the home of the Royal Regatta which is the most popular event during the summer and is held on a naturally straight section of the river. This event became recognized as the Royal Regatta in 1851 at which point Prince Albert became the patron of the Regatta.

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