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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today is the fifth tithi of Ashwin Month. The Moon is in Anuradha Nakshatra.Skandmata is the fifth form of Maa Durga. She is the mother of Lord Skand Kumar (Kartikeya). Thus, she is also known as Skandamata. In 2011, the fifth day of the Navratra is on 1st October, Saturday. This day devotee's mind is in Visuddha Chakra. You can see Lord Skanda in his infant form sitting on her lap. She is called Parvati because she is the daughter of Himalaya and as she is the wife of Mahadev so she is called Maheshwari. She is worshipped as Gauri because of Her fair and goldencomplexion. She loves her son very much so she like being called Skandmata. She is seen sitting on lotus flower. She is also called Padmasana and Vidhyavahini. She is sitting on a lion as her vehicle; Mother Goddess has four arms & three eyes.


The fifth aspect of Maa Durga is also worshipped in the form of a medicine called Alsi. Offering this Alsi you can ward off the problems of cough, cold, bile and gas. So if you are suffering with these diseases you should take Alsi as Prasad of Maa Skandmata. The main purpose of worshipping Maa Skandmata is to flourish the business and shop. You should follow the following instructions if you want a sudden development in your business.

Arrange 3 gomti chakra, 3 coconut, 3 white quartz, 3 seeds of kamal gatte or a garland of kamal gatta.

Spread red cloth as anasana on a small chouki or table. Place a picture or idol of Maa Lakshmi, offer Ganga water and light a deep of pure ghee in front of Maa Lakshmi.

One by one offer gomti chakra, tantrokta coconut, white quartz and seedsof kamalgatta on the feet of Maa.

Apply roli tilak on all these things and recite the following mantra.

Om heem cleem kamaley kamlalye praseed shri heem OmMahalakshamaye namah

Offer bhog to Maa and the very next day place that picture in your home's shrine and worship all the material regularly which you have offered to her.


Maa Skandmata is very kind. She gets happy with in a second by a small quantity of prayer and stuti and without any delay she rushes for her devotees. You should also remember the following things before offering puja to Maa Skandmata.

Read the seventh chapter of Durga Saptashati on the fifth day of Navratra.

Before reading the seventh chapter read Kunjika strotra then Kawach and then Keelak strotra.

If you have wished for something you should read Ratrisukta after Keelak Strotra.

To please Maa Skandmata you should recite the following mantraOm sah heem aem Skandmataye namah

Arrange mansik mantra if you are unable to arrange the garland of kamal gatta.

Dress Maa with red clothes, red flower kumkum, kesar, shingar, and coconut.

Bring ganga water for isnan of Maa

You can take kaal gyan deeksha from your guru so that you can know about different kaal and shrishthi chakra.

Include more barley seeds on the fifth day of hawan with pure ghee.

Woman and men can wear red clothes and can take food of fruits only.

At the end of your puja do not forget to ask forgiveness so that by mistake if you miss something, Maa can forgive you.


Mata Skandmata is worshipped on the fifth date of Navratra. Skandmata is the mother of Kumar Kartikeya. This form of Mata fulfils all the wishes of the devotee. Banana is offered to the Goddess as Bhog. Offering Banana to the goddess keeps the physique healthy.

By worshiping the Maa in the form of Skandamata, the devotees get all their desires fulfilled. Theycan enjoy supreme joy even in this very mortal world. They can have an easy way for salvation and spirituality. Their worship automatically includes the worship of Lord Skanda in his child form. So the sadhak should particularly be attentive to her worship. Being the presiding deity of sun god, she bestows an uncommon lustre and radiance on her devotee. A supernatural aura in the atmosphere is discharged by the goddess and if you worship her with pure heart you can have freedom from all troubles and sufferings. The devotees get immense love and affection from the goddess by worshipping her in this manifestation. You can be blessed by her for all your wishes to be fulfilled. You can get relief from all kinds of ailments like cough, cold, etc.

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