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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Business Immigration Is Good For Countries - Business

Trades of goods or specific services make one travel across the sea and bring his business to United States. Certain Pvt. Business Immigration firms therefore exist to make your business immigration possible. Providing clients with legal expertise in all areas of immigration law, regulations and policy is what they do and make a living.

Experienced business persons who are interested in business migration have to convince the immigration services that they are to contribute to economy and create jobs in the country. Unlike Investors, the only way in which an Entrepreneur can demonstrate business experience is through management and control of a qualifying business of sufficient size. There are various percentages of ownership that qualifies a business for migration.

For business immigration there are certain rules and regulations and it would do you good if you research a bit before consulting a Business Immigration firm. Generally, once a petition is filed, the U.S Immigrant Service will Approve, Deny or issue a Request for additional Evidence (RFE) or issue "intent to deny". When "intent to deny" or a "Request for Evidence" is requested, answer it properly, thoroughly and with great caution.

Where a petition or application is denied or revoked by Immigration Services, in most cases it can be appealed to a higher authority. When one receives a denial notice, it will advise you of your right to appeal the correct appellate jurisdiction and provide you with the appropriate appeal form and time limit.

After reviewing, the appellate authority may: Agree with the argument and change the original decision, Disagree with the argument and affirm the original decision or Send the matter back to the original office for further action.

Business Immigration requires certain visas and one must be aware of them. They are as follows:E-2 essential employee: Granted to employees who are Manager/supervisor or a worker with special skills making him or her essential to the running of the business. The Spouse of the E-2 Investor is eligible for a work permit.

E-3 Australian Professional Visa: This is only for Australian nationals. There is a limit to this visa classification and only 10,500 visas are granted in a year. E-3 visa can be extended indefinitely as long as the worker continues employment in the proffered position as the required wages.

H1 B Professional Working Visa: Instead of the employee the employer files the H1b on behalf of the foreign national worker. It is essential that the applicant worker have an employer willing to file a petition on his/her behalf.L-1 International Company transfer Visa: There are two sub-categories in this visa. First is, L-1A for intra company managers and executives and second is, L-1B individuals with specialized knowledge or skill. The L-1 visa category is intended for Intra Company Transferees, or persons coming to work in the US for an employer that is related to a company the applicant worked for prior to entering the US.

TN Professional NAFTA Visa: NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement. It creates special economic and trade relationships for the United States, Canada and Mexico. To acquire a NAFTA Visa ones profession must be on the NAFTA list. Business Immigration has never been so easier before.

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